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  1. figured id make a new thread since i cant edit the name of my other one lol.. Setup: - JVC KDS88BT Headunit - 4 15" Fi BTL N2 Fully Loaded Subs - SounDigital 16KD Amp - 13ft^3 Wall Tuned to 38hz with 202in^2 of port - Mechman 220a HO Alternator - 6 XS Power D3100 Batteries - Copper Buss bars - 2 Runs of 4/0 Welding Cable - Big 3 - Stinger Digital Volt Meter Car: Stetsom 14K2D: 2 Fi BTL N2s: 4/0 Weldingsupply cable compared to some Tsunami 1/0 wire(4/0 cable on the right): 4/0 ring terminals compared to 1/0 gauge terminals: Interior all stripped out ready to start on the Wall: Headliner out so i can brace the roof... thinking of doing metal flat bars perpendicular inbetween the stock bars and the roof: Still need 4 more D3100 batteries... but im gonna build the wall and brace the roof before i buy them so ill be updating this often.
  2. went to a car show today... got 1st in my class and loudest of the day even with 2 subs not working lol.... 154 db on music with only 2 15s cant wait to get the other 2 up and running again...
  3. 16K

    2 12" zcons 4-6k trunk wall

    weird........ could be your cd player....
  4. nice! waiting for more pics..
  5. 16K

    2 12" zcons 4-6k trunk wall

    ya the glue goes on the spider landing and surround on the basket... and then the dustcap... the spray is a accelerator... have fun box looks awesome... gonna bang!
  6. 16K

    2 12" zcons 4-6k trunk wall

    Looks great so far!
  7. 16K

    ARMYKYLE1's Blazer build! GFY it's slowwww

    Lol miss having bass? Did you already get all your equipment that you won?
  8. 16K

    ARMYKYLE1's Blazer build! GFY it's slowwww

    Not bad keep up the good work! Kob zip ties lmao
  9. Figured out why I metered low.. I have a sub out so the amp is only seeing 2 ohms lol.. Decided im gonna rebuild the wall while I have the subs out.. After sketching the new design im gonna have close to 500in^2 of port
  10. Thanks bro that makes me feel better You are right I havent done any tweeking or tuning.. Just a drop in wall with no testing.. I swear everyone there that was louder than me had a bigger port that was like 6-8" long... Maybe my port is to long idk lol I can say I was the loudest CAR there.. I wish they catagorized by type of vehicle lol.. Only ppl that beat me had a suv or van lol I got to hear lennys tahoe... 6 18" smds walled with 6 dc 9ks... He did a 156 at 25hz... So much airmovement lol.. Funny thing is he could only burp a 160 at a higher freq.. So all that equipment and only a 160.. Ouch lol I have pics of the big builds that were there Ill post later
  11. Didnt do so well yesterday.. Did a 153 on music.. Then burped at 55hz which I thought was my peak and did a 154.. Lowered to 50hz and burped a 155.. This was all with the meter on the center of the windshield..Im guessing the mdf roof lowered my peak which im happy about.. Wish I had more meter time though.. Soon im gonna redo the wall.. Make it wider.. And make it a driver side port..
  12. Thanks bro, cant wait to see your wall get started
  13. got some work done today... switched rims back to the red ones.... raised the rear finally to where its even with the front... and cut the screws off the roof and painted it white... looks much better!!
  14. Haha! Just sheet metal.. The screws tightened really tight though. I was worried they were gonna just strip through the roof but it tightened down just nicely. why do you ask think its gonna fall down when I cut the screws?
  15. got my roof braced its got 2, 1/2" layers of mdf with some great stuff foam inbetween the wood and the roof... i put some foam on 1 piece of wood and screwed it through the roof.... this way the wood curved to my roof easier.... then screwed on a 2nd layer of wood.... the roof is a little messed up looking right now lol... but once i cut the screws and put in some bondo work should look good as new cant wait to design a headliner as well.. not sure if im just gonna paint it white or make a design the roof is solid as a rock now though I havent tried it out yet.. Gonna wait til tomorrow when the foam is dried.. Im going to a show on saturday. Should be able to meter to see if ive gained since ive added the triple inputs and braced roof..
  16. 16K

    Dangrebels wall build

    lol thanks
  17. 16K

    Dangrebels wall build

    Who? you lol i asked a question and you skipped my comment
  18. 16K

    Dangrebels wall build

    Or be a douche thats cool too...
  19. 16K

    new B2 build. 09 silvy crewcab.

    Cute subs lmao
  20. 16K

    Dangrebels wall build

    Wow hell ya should be brutal! Whered you get those blue switches?
  21. 16K

    08 scion xb^2 B2 products galore.

    Hell ya keep it up!
  22. 16K

    sundown lincoln

    Looks good! Hope it works for you!