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  1. Buy them,,,, I'm willing to sell them if you are interested buddy. Let me know. L.
  2. would you like some more brand new Crunch amps and or the matching eq or even some eq modules?
  3. nice, I had almost every gen x amp especially the neptune in new condition. That pos card underneath really messed me up so I sold all of them.... I'm sure they were great yet didn't get a chance to really run them. Oh well, good thing I kept most of my ESX and Hifonics VII amps....
  4. Nice, I thought I was the only one with those Hifonics catalogs. LOL....
  5. Cutra

    Pics of the BIGGEST ZED AMP MADE. . . . . . . . . . .

    Zed Audio never made any amps for Earthquake.
  6. Cutra

    Just got an ESX Q 60.4

    Hey Cutra What u asking for one of those 175.2? that one and a 275.1 is all i'm missing from having the complete ESX Q series I only have 1 175.2 left and no 275.1's at all so the only one that I might sell is the 60.4 which is brand new in box with everything. Let me know if you are interested in that....
  7. Thanks denim but it not quite the entire line. The others im missing yet is the 75.2, 120.2, 275.1, and the 475.1 but these are by far the most rare. Still on the look out though. I do understand collecting things, but why are you collecting (are you gonna do some all ESX builds in the future or are you just gonna keep them so they can collect dust). Of course he is just like me and my little collection.
  8. Cutra

    Hifonics Vulcan VIII 2 ohm bridged?

    Correct, 4ohms mono and 2 ohms stereo is what it is stable at.
  9. Cutra


    I'm looking for a U.S. Amps Optimizer. Anyone selling one? Anyone ever use one? Is it worth it? Does it do a good job.? What do you guys think? Let me know please.
  10. Cutra

    New Zed amps

    Talk about creating a buzz. No picutres or detailed specs and there are most of us putting our names down for the amps. hehe.....
  11. Cutra

    ESX Amps....

    there is? what's the item number or link?
  12. sorry for the missing links before. Here are some of my zed amps.
  13. What did you think of my little zed collection?
  14. Hi David, I just sold a 175.2 to a guy in Germany in December. I have one 475.1 and will keep it hehe... I have never seen the line drivers. Any pictures of them? Do they really exist?