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  1. http://www.crutchfield.com/S-9FMZONgTcX2/p_500CDA9847/Alpine-CDA-9847.html I need a simple deck for my budget build & I found one of these for $95. It's an '05 model, but it looks mint. Opinions?I'm gonna be running a 2-channel & monoblock. Undecided on the 6.5'' components for the front, but I have an SA-12 for sub duty. I've ran the CDA 9813, 9886, & 9855 but right now I'm just looking for a simple setup.
  2. 00WJGC

    MB Quart or Sundown???

    I'm running active through my h/u, not the amplifier. One of the x-over's was damaged during shipping, I'm waiting on a replacement so I can go passive again....active is too time consuming for me. I know the SA-12 can handle twice the 500w my amp will put out, but I'd rather not go any bigger. Jacob Fuller said 500w will make it move nicely, & I don't wanna spend the $$$ for a bigger amplifier & have to upgrad my electrical anymore. (stock alt/batt & 1/0 Big 3) I was just hoping to get some feedback on the RWE. I know the Sundown is the better woofer, but for $70 the MBQ looks really nice. I believe it's the older German made Quart also.
  3. I have a JL Audio 500/1v2 & am ready to add my substage. I'm using an Alpine-CDA-9886 h/u & Image Dynamics CTX-65 components up front, powered by a JL Audio 300/4v2 (running active). I know JL Audio isn't very well liked around here, but I got the 2 amps lnib for $280. I originally planned on porting a single Sundown SA-12, but now I'm not sure. I can get a brand new Sundown SA-12d2 for $160 locally, or order a 12'' MB Quart RWE-302 from woofersetc for $70. I plan on porting either way, & I have a Grand Cherokee, so space isn't an issue as I've heard the MBQ's need alot of space. Opinions? http://www.woofersetc.com/p-3415-rwe-302-mb-quart-12-1000-watt-reference-series-subwoofer.aspx
  4. 1) The h/u worked properly when I sent it, & when you received it. I have the proof that it worked. If something happens to it after you get it that doesn't mean you commit fraud & get your money back. 2) You chose to send it as a gift. It's not my fault if you were too cheap to pay the $4.20 PayPal fee. 3) If you send the h/u back I will work something out with you, but you're not gonna just file it as "unauthorized" & get your money back. 4) There's no "after this" to it, I refuse to allow you to fraudulently get your money back. 5) That proves nothing. I have pictures & videos of the cd player working when I had it. Kinda makes it impossible for it to have been broke when I got it. There are 12-15 people who rode in my Jeep when I had it that will vouch for it working.
  5. I'll never again sell anything over the internet, ever. It's far too big of a hassle & risk.
  6. And I didn't start this thread to bash or start an uproar. I just want this settled, & this is where a MOD advised me to post this.
  7. Goob de-mod/banned me on CA.com for abusing my MOD powers, not scamming. And I'd do it again, that crap was ridiculous. I saw a lot of bashing, but no evidence that I've scammed anyone. Then again, there isn't any evidence; I've never scammed anyone. Everyone I ever sold to on ca.com received their gear, & in working order. I have been texting mossberg this weekend to work out a deal & will be sending him a 2nd h/u as soon as possible. As for everyone on ca.com "proving" I'm a scammer.... The guy on JeepForum ended up getting 2 h/u's. The one I originally sent, & the replacement I sent after he started the thread stating he never got his h/u. It was stuck in-transit due to inclimate weather. If you bashers would've actually READ the thread you'd have seen where he got them 2 days apart. He then apologized, as well as those who bashed on that forum. The thread was spammed by immature people on that forum, then carried to ca.com by the immature people their. Instead of actually reading the thread everyone just linked it, posted my personal info, sms bombed me, & called me a scammer. And Dylan seems to have everyone thinking the 9813 was broke when I received it from mossberg, & sold bcst86 a broken h/u. Then would you please explain how do I have pictures & videos of it playing cd's? Again, a lot of bashing, pointing fingers, & calling me a scammer, but no actual proof or evidence. I have PROOF that bcst86 is trying to scam me.
  8. As soon as I told him I shipped the h/u he PM'd me asking for a refund, something about he needed the money because his truck was towed. He asked that I gift him the money back via PayPal & he'd ship the h/u back once he got it. I told him I could not do that, for obvious reasons. A few days pass & I get an IM from him thanking me for the deck, stating it arrived & was undamaged. I told hm to enjoy it & went on my merry way. Then 2-3 days after that he says the cd player doesn't work & asked that I refund him the money, then he'd send the h/u. I held my end as the seller, I sent him a working h/u & he received a working h/u. It was insured, so I was willing to work with him, but I wasn't gonna just send him the money. Because of the previous odd behavior I asked him to ship the h/u back & then I would fully re-imburst him. He simply refused. I even offered him two seperate h/u's in exchange, a Kenwood KDC-X592 or a Pioneer DEH-P600. He said no & again requested a refund. I then told him I'd be willing to have the Alpine fixed or exchange it for a different h/u, but I would not just send him the money back. I sent him a working h/u & he received a working h/u. At this point he ignored me & i figured he didn't want any of my offers. Now, several weeks later, I log-in to my PayPal & I have a balance of -$140. Since I refused to just give him my money he calls his bank & lies to them about an "unauthorized charge" on his account. If I was him I believe I would have sent the h/u back or exchanged it with one I offered before I committed fraud.
  9. I sold him an Alpine CDA-9813 I had listed here back in January. Now it's a month later: my PayPal balance is frozen at -$140.00 & I have an open dispute filed against me. It's a credit card chargeback, citing "unauthorized chargeback". So, in summary, bcst86 called his bank & lied to them about sending me the money so they'd have PayPal charge it back. Now he has the headunit & his money. I believe the correct term for what he has done would be called "fraud", which is very much so against the law. I have the USPS delivery confirmation #, which when entered into their site shows the item was delivered successfully to the address he gave me. I have pictures of the h/u playing a cd while in my Jeep. I also have two other PM's, which are even bigger pieces of evidence. The first being a PM from him stating he received the headunit. His account is unverified on PayPal, but I got him to admit on here to filing the unauthorized charges claim with his bank. So, bcst86..... I have the delivery confirmation # from USPS stating the item was delivered, & pictures of a working item. I also have messages from you stored on here & screenshot in which you, from the exact same account.... Inquired about purchasing the item, received my PayPal account info to pay for the item, gave cofirmation that you'd sent payment, gave your address as to where it should be delivered, gave confirmation that the item was succesfully delivered undamaged, ANDDDDD....said you contacted your bank & had them chargeback my account for the sent amount, stating unauthorized charges. I want the chargeback canceled on my PayPal account immediately. If the -$140.00 balance & claim on my account have not been removed by the end of the business day on Tuesday, February 29th I will have my lawyer contact PayPal/your bank. If I have to use a lawyer to resolve this I will also pursue you in a criminal court for committing fraud against me, PayPal, & your bank. USPS Delivery Confirmation # 0310 0480 0001 0073 8182 **The last picture is actually a video from my phone of it working & playing cd's. I don't know why it won't play once I uploaded it to my computer/photobucket.
  10. 00WJGC

    Extremely Disappointed

    I learned that it's best to disconnect the negative battery when you're messing w/ an amplifier....liked to of jolted my brother & burned my 1st ride down w/ one touch of the amplifier casing. Now I actually understand how a vehicle charging system works & why the battery should be disconnected...... lesson learned =]
  11. 00WJGC

    Extremely Disappointed

    understatement... Heat is the devil to all electronics... there is nothing worse in the world than heat build up on a component no matter the task it is intended for.. Good luck with your situation holley... hopefully it is quick.. I found this out first hand with my first install when I was 15-16. Nearly burnt my Mustang down. (:
  12. 00WJGC

    Help me pick my active setup!

    I'd start out w/ a 2way active front first. Get a beefy 6.5'' mid & you won't need a dedicated midbass driver..... the Image Dynamic CX62 mids are excellent for an active setup. They can handle 150-200w rms, play a broad freq range, & have amazing midbass.
  13. 00WJGC

    This Cable Has Changed My life

    All of my telecommunications cables & accessories are free. My dad is a plant superintindent @ Commscope Inc. ....but that is just freaking retarded.
  14. I didn't think of that, I was thinking defective unit or bad ground. OP, does the vehicle have an external factory amplifier?