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  1. suicidal

    Sundown X-6.5SW Video and Pictures

    has anyone used these? i have a project that has limited space and i'm curious as to how they perform before I spend the money on a couple of these subs.
  2. suicidal

    My first install

    they look round to me. LOL. could be the camera angle that is throwing it off for you.
  3. suicidal

    My first install

    Box looks great.
  4. suicidal


    That's awesome. I have an AD244 in the shop that I have been meaning to install in my Jimmy.
  5. suicidal

    what is everyones music taste?

    Bluegrass, country, rock, rap, reggeaton. Some specific artists...no particular order or genre: Pretty lights, deadmau5, foster the people, Mumford and sons, old crow medicine show, taking back Sunday, Johnny cash, yellawolf, calle 13, aventura...just to name a few.
  6. suicidal

    New here, in NC

    double post
  7. suicidal

    New here, in NC

    LOL it surprises me how many of us are from NC, a bit spread out though. My old college room mate goes to UNC chapel hill, and her BF lives in Durham. I was at a party up there a couple weeks ago.
  8. suicidal

    New here, in NC

    The education is getting better? that must be why the partying has started to go downhill. LOL.
  9. suicidal

    New here, in NC

    I lived in Greenville for 5-6 years. My roommates went to ECU. I still go party from time to time.
  10. suicidal

    New here, in NC

    I work in Clinton, and visit Raleigh/Cary/Chapel Hill quite often.
  11. suicidal

    New here, in NC

    welcome. what part of NC?
  12. suicidal

    Would it be worth it?

    I sent the company an email regarding soft parts. hopefully they will respond soon.
  13. suicidal

    Would it be worth it?

    I was given a pair of Earthquake DBXi-12D subwoofers...I found out when i tried to put them in my friends truck, that they are in fact blown. They are supposed to be 4 ohm DVC, but as you can tell from the pics below the VC's are damaged. My question is would it be worth it to look into a recone? These are the speakers in question. Thanks in advance for any input. Luis