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  1. yhateanxj

    AccuWave Pressure Meter teasers

    Somehow route an inline bluetooth device hooked up to the amps +\- that can transmit real time to phones/tablet/laptop display??? Anywhere within the bt distance should provide instant feedback. Not sure if feasible, but that would be sweet to have wireless dmm and volt meter thats accurate. Exactly that. Stay tuned.That would be sweet, as somehow after a month, the wires on my cheapo stinger vm melted and shorted out 4' from the amp.Still unsure as to what caused it. Staying tuned for Exciting advancements...
  2. yhateanxj

    AccuWave Pressure Meter teasers

    Somehow route an inline bluetooth device hooked up to the amps +\- that can transmit real time to phones/tablet/laptop display??? Anywhere within the bt distance should provide instant feedback. Not sure if feasible, but that would be sweet to have wireless dmm and volt meter thats accurate.
  3. I've seen how the simple question role has played out. I figured I'd be as informative as I could so there wasn't any back and forth we need this, and that to help you stuff I've seen. But, in my stupor, I couldnt figure out an easy way to ask, so I just posted shit in between nodding off, and after posting I realized how long it was.
  4. More like jedi mind fuck. You posted answers to questions I was thinking of, but forgot to type during my 3am, half asleep thread start.
  5. I have actually read up quite a bit on that site, very informative. What I've learned from reading just needed some minor clarification, as I think I read too far into what I was taking in, which in turn confused me. I think that even with me being somewhat vague in the questions I asked, you fully understood what I was asking, as you have answered pretty much everything I was curious to. Its almost like you were reading my thought process, as my questions were vague, but somehow you knew what my mind was thinking. I just wasn't able to transfer my exact thoughts to text. With that, you state you didnt understand my xover question, but still answered with exactly what I was looking to clarify and then some. I really never gain any frequency, some are at 0, couple at +1 and others -2, 3 or so. I like my equipment and need no reason to have to buy more due to lack of knowledge, which is why I am trying to further educate myself.. I appreciate your response in detail, as I am now another step closer to understanding one more small aspect of this mathematically diverse hobby.
  6. Thank you for pointing out the things I already fully understand as I stated above. I get what the xover does, and that the eq is for adjusting range of frequency from center, Q, and gain. What I dont fully follow is how. I know the Q and gain aspect, just not frequency areas picked up by each. Like I said, which band affects what area of the system when adjusted from center frequency through the bands. Does each scope of bands alter a certain bandwidth via vocals, and instrumentation, or is there something alterior? What effect does adjusting each one have on each section of the system as a whole? What exactly does adjusting 1-2,3-6,7-9 do to my sub, mid, and high stages? Im curious as to whether or not that is even how it actually functions, certain bands pertaining to certain aspects of system, low, mid, high, vocal, musical... Im looking to come to a point of fully understanding the what and why of equalization per band. It seems as when I do adjust them, there is a very subtle difference that I cant clearly pick up on. When adjusting Q from wide to narrow, slope up or down and gain I can clearly hear an audibly noticeable difference. I tend to over think and over research things, but I do like to know what I am getting and how to fully operate and understand anything I own. I've been a mobile audio hobbyist for almost 2 decades, but until as of late (past 3 years) I never cared about functions of my equipment. As long as it was loud and slapped I could've cared less about these things, that to me at the time were trivial. But, from just reading hundreds of threads between multiple audio forums, I am now trying to educate myself in all aspects I may falter in. I really hope someone here can help to close the gap in my understanding, or maybe misunderstandings of this area.
  7. So I've been looking online for answers to my dull sense of fully understanding these questions. I have an alpine cde149bt, that I am just not fully comprehending. I have read up and down and searched forums to some avail, but not fully. Im hoping you gurus can help to clarify some things. Now, I have xover settings, with f/r hpf, lpf, frequency and slope. Now I understand these all fairly well, but on this, where I have gotten confused is: does the front hpf control highs, and rear hpf control mids? Or is it as it sounds, front does front, rear does rears? Next is, by setting frequency, slope and levels on xover, how much of an affect does it cause within bands of parametric eq? I know it sets frequency cuts hi and low, but how much do the settings affect eq? How much of an affect will each of these settings have on the amps ssf,lpf,hpf have in a whole. Next question is regarding the eq. What exactly does each band 1-9 affect? 1-2 is lows, 3-6 mids, 7-9 highs, or is there a more formulated process to this. I've found some explanation as to what the eq itself does, but I cant find anything regarding each band. So say I have an amped 12", amped 6.5" comp set with 1" tweeters, and hu powered 5.25" coax in rear, what will each band do for the respective speakers via performance? Are there certain frequencies that should be chosen for specific speaker size? Maybe my understanding of the eq is incorrect... Lastly, when adjusting each individual frequency, the next frequency is altered as to only allow a fixed variable of frequencies. Like if band 1 is set to 80, band 2 will only adjust to say, between 125 and 200 and so on. Is this just by design to keep within each bands frequency ranges so they dont separate, have gaps, and sound like shit? Its now 3am and I can sleep now hoping someone here can help to clarify what I dont fully grasp. Thank you in advance for anyone willing to help educate me and possibly others.
  8. Vehicle : 93 xj Location in the vehicle: rear cargo area Space available (Length x Width x Height): 42x32x20 Subwoofer make and model: ssa zcon d2 Subwoofer Size:12 Number of Subwoofers: 1 Type of Port (Kerfed, Slot, Aero, etc.): curious... What type of music do you like?: rap, c-wordry, dub, slowed... Is your music daily or spl? day music with spl based qualities Tuning Freq (Hz): curious... Volume : not sure yet... Questions: So, I am buying a zcon soon, and want to build a different style of enlosure, but lack integral skills in the design and math part of things. I could have one custom made by local shop, but I want built not bought. I want it to be my work, not someone else's. Last box was built to ssa specs for the 12" d1 xcon and it turned out great. But looking for something different to try. Ive had kicker cvx, jl w6, type r, infinity, etc...all in the 12" flavor. Hu is alpine cde149bt, fronts are cdt 6.5 comps ran off 2 channel arc audio, and rear hatch has hertz 5.25", as of now, the sub is xcon 12" d1 ran off kicker zx1500.1. Dynamatted doors, and rear quarter panels and back hatch are filled with water feature expanding foam. My jeep is really open, so cabin gain is an issue I just dont grasp fully. What I have seen is people figuring box dimensions, port tuning and all, via amp selection, personal preferences and cabin size. I have an upgraded alt, big 3 1/0 gauge done 1 run of ofc 1/0 to amp and an optima yellow top under the hood, dc 2.0k and new volt meter on the way. I have fairly good fab skills and the tools I need to build what I want. But what I do not have, is as stated before, the comprehension to figure things out mathematically, or design skills. I know what I want, but dont know how to figure all the variables to get it to where I want. I have been spoiled by the xcon, but want more, so onto the zcon it is. I have available Length 42"x depth 32" x height 20" these are well to well, seat to hatch and floor to top of seat dimensions. I would like to have a design that can integrate the amp placement on an angle mounted to sub box. I have seen a style of box I really like designed by ram designs for zins. Here is link to style I would like to try. http://www.soundsolutionsaudio.com/forum/topic/61548-port-locationtype-for-zcon-12/?fromsearch=1 I really like the design, and wonder if its possible to mount the amp to the left side angle. Will the booming mess up the amp? What I would like to do is build onto the angle, an amp rack that amp is hidden underneath plexiglass coated with 2way mirror film that is only see through if light is on underneath, while keeping equal angles and dimensions on both sides. Fans will be used in build to help keep cool. Ive built some lame shit in my day, and want to really do off the norm stuff with this. Amp is roughly 18"x 10" x 2.5" Cargo dimensions are just what is available, box does not need to eat up all the real estate. Can anyone help me with dimensions? Cut sheet etc...? I hope this is complete enough for you all to be able to respond. I did not put port tuning or enclosure volume because I dont know how to figure it with all variables involved. I read something earlier that certain port tuning, amp specs, box size and cabin can determine how efficiently the sub plays up to its xmax. I now cannot locate what I was reading. Any advice or help much appreciated. ..
  9. yhateanxj

    XCON First Impressions

    Ok so I went back through all the settings. My deck is a clarion cz702, with 6 5v pre-outs, Its set on 3way mode. Rear fill off of deck and front cdt components off 2 channel arc audio, sub off kicker zx. All time alignments are set accordingly, sub -1, sp gains all at 0 on a range of 0 to -20 3way xover settings are as follows- high hpf cut@ 2.5k slope -12db, phase normal. Mid lpf through, slope -12db. Mid hpf cut@ 200hz slope - 12db, phase normal. sub lpf 63hz, slope - 12db, sub hpf through, hpf slope - 12db, phase normal. sub gain @ 1/3, xover @50hz, and boost @ 0. SPL- I lowered deck xover down to 31.5hz and so far after loosening my neighbors pictures, the sound seems more pure, cleaner low end transition, and, most important so far, no more snapping sound. Jay-cee- Yes, these are nominal items I fully understand. I Was merely relaying information on everything I had, hoping that any info could maybe help in receiving a clear answer, leaving all doubts aside. I Stated what the birthsheet from Stillwater stated, as maybe the output of the amp was higher than capability of sub. Not saying that was the case, but again, just info. So, as I stated above, I believe the xover setting was the culprit. THANKS SPL. I played every song that has ever made it "snap," louder than I had before, and I hear nothing. Thank you to all who helped contribute to what hopefully, is the end to my issue. Again, xcon for the mf'n win.
  10. yhateanxj

    XCON First Impressions

    Yes, very heavy low end, and some hard bass lines, rap mostly. Its fairly odd, because I can play certain songs that the excursion is far heavier on, with no issues. Then I play a song that hits, but excursion is much less visible, and I get the pop. I will look into the rear fill speakers out of curiosity tomorrow as they are old and tired, due for an upgrade soon. I know of one minor leak in the seal along bottom of the double baffle, I will seal that also tomorrow. So 25 isnt too low for a 32htz tuned port? I want to be able to put to the sub what I know it can handle without worry. Amps birthsheet says 1794, but not sure how accurate, Its only at a 1/3rd gain to. Maybe its time for the khaotic box I've been putting off. Local stereo king wants $450.00 plus material cost, to build me a box! So I built this box for now, to the optimal ported specs, and took my dimensions from the pdf on the ssa stores xcon specs page. I know that it is all within 1/16-1/8 on all cuts, as I burnt some mdf getting it as perfect as possible.
  11. yhateanxj

    XCON First Impressions

    Its a difficult sound to explain...its a very tinny sounding snap, like taking a piece of metal and hitting a piece of un-mounted aluminum. Almost like when you crush a side of a beer can, and pop out one of the kinks, that kind of a tinny snap or pop, on a larger scale. Amp is kicker zx1500.1, and the only the option is input sensitivity hi/lo, no ssf. Its set to low, which I think, and correct me if I'm wrong, is fixed at 25htz. So an inline ssf is what I need I assume? Any suggestions on style or brand that is best for my application? I appreciate the response, and help.
  12. yhateanxj

    XCON First Impressions

    I also recently purchased an xcon, in the 12" d1 variety. I have a ported box 2.75 cubes @32htz, running off a kicker zx1500.1, zero bass boost, 50htz and 1/3 gain. It does slap with the best of them, and I am extremely happy with my purchase. It hits anything I've thrown at it with quality accuracy, and the lows, are well, low! Now I too am having the same kind of sound, also only at higher volumes. It's unexplainable almost, unless you hear it. It sounds kind of like unplugging your guitar from amp while still powered, A loud snap. If I back off volume 1, it stops. I have my settings on deck all negative on sub, -12db, loud off, set filter to 63htz etc. I'd be interested in finding out what this is myself, and am Hoping its not damaged. I have all settings backed off, amp isnt pushing it's full potential, and via specs, I should be able to push more to it without issue. Other than that sound, I am overly pleased with my investment into ssa. If anyone has input it would be greatly appreciated. I feel I'm ok inserting this comment here, as op is experiencing similar results. If this is not the correct area, please do whatever is necessary to relay this to the proper section...
  13. yhateanxj

    simple questions

    Ok, so I took your advice and have re molded what I want. Ex.anarchy 6.5"'front and rear passenger doors, and stick with the seas to be mounted at a desired locale. Possibly run a 6ch, but will more than likely run a 4ch front, and 2ch for back. My old set up was a 12" cvx d4, with zx1500.1, 6.5" infinity components up front, 5.25" coax in rear powered by a zx350.4. I've had alpine, jl, mtx, and rockford subs. Basically all mediocre stuff, definitely not what I want. Too plain, and distorted. Don't get me wrong, the cvx pounded, but blew away any type of quality, due to the infinity speakers lacking in all departments. Plus it was all inferior design, slapped together to male a trail run, and I never took it apart to rebuild.
  14. yhateanxj

    simple questions

    So, 5 1/4" are just a stock placement soundbar, not necessary, just curious. The ushers, (thanks for correction) I want in rear pass. Doors due to me not liking the sound bar. I should have been a little more specific, my bad. I want them their as I have heard the xcon's can be overwhelming, so I was thinking to use them to balance. Plus, its a 9" custom lifted, wheeler on 37's, and on the beach, or up in the hills on snow runs, its nice to be able to phase out the sub and just run. Thanks for advice on 1 & 2, and I hope this helps to un-vague-fy the logic.