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  1. Dothecoolwip

    Looking to buy AA 12" assassins x 2

    yah im looking for something that gets loud and pounds like crazy, and i live in alberta but its i guess worth the drive ... but is it worth the money to get them or is there something better out there?
  2. I am only 16 but i am getting my car soon and i want to have some good subs in it... And ive always wanted AA's but i want to know if they are really worth the price because ill be paying alot to get them shipped to Canada... So if someone could help me , maybe explain if they are worth it and if not just briefly explain why not and give me another option to go for, That would be simple amazing, im kinda new to the whole world of car audio so i dont know really know how to tell a good sub to a shit sub... and if watts is really all you look for and all that crap... so yah im kinda a - thanks dothecoolwip