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  1. There is nothing wrong with powering 2 Xcon's with a Rockford T1500. There is absolutely no need to run rms power for subs to get loud. If you doubled the power by getting another T1500 you would likely see less than a 3 db increase in volume.
  2. It depends on how cheap your cheap wire is, but the Rockford amp only needs 4 gauge power and ground wires.
  3. M5, you would have made an excellent economics teacher. TINSTIFAAL= there is no such thing as a free lunch, shipping always gets paid for.
  4. I think a lot would depend on how many amps your alternator puts out. With the big 3 and the additional battery you should be fine, but I would stick to class D amps because they are more efficient.
  5. SS Teacher

    Decisions Decisions Help me choose!

    Of the 3 listed I'd vote Sundown. Have you looked at Dcons?
  6. SS Teacher

    Video of my crew in action

    That's some amazing work you guys do. You're not just making some creepy scenes, it's its own twisted world.
  7. SS Teacher

    Alpine SPX-17PRO tweeter replacement.

    Good luck in your new build, it really sucks when jerks steal your crap AND you have equipment failure.
  8. SS Teacher

    Small review on the ZED Audio Leviathan iii

    Sexy Beast! Thanks for the write up. I've owned a Punch 45, old school alpine, and PPI Art Series amps, a ZED amp will be my next purchase.
  9. SS Teacher


    Running an active front stage with 8" midbass requires research, skill, patience, time, and lot's of knowledge, it's definitely not for amateurs/newbies, not implying you are one or trying to step on your toes.
  10. SS Teacher

    Alpine SPX-17PRO tweeter replacement.

    Yeah I have cooled off from wanting to sell everything I have and find a new hobby, to browsing for new stuff. Thinking about the 80prs and the new Sundown comps. I might replace the tweets and mid but I'm not sure if I liked the Alpines enough to justify spending all of that money. If you buy another Prs, why buy a component set? Take advantage of that dsp! X2 You've got the awesome sub stage, the amps, why not get component speakers from Madisound? Save a ton of cash and get better sound. You know you will certainly get great advice from the guys on this forum.
  11. Lots of places sell adapters to mount a 61/2" woofer and 1" tweeter in a 6x9" opening. Check Crutchfield or Sonic Electronix. Probably less than $20.
  12. If you're going to run a 1000 watt amp, you'll want to do "the big 3".
  13. SS Teacher

    What would you have done differently?

    Welcome, I wished I had found this site before getting back into car audio. I would not have bought a 5 channel amp. I wouldn't have settled on what the local shop brands were. My ultimate goal is a get a 10" or 12" Icon/Xcon in a ported box in the trunk pushed by a ZED minatour. I am happy with front stage- older German made MB Quart 6x9" component system getting 75 watts and EQ'd by an Audio Control unit.
  14. What subs do you have? What box are they in? What is your budget? How much room do you have? Did you do any sound deadening? If you answer those questions we can give you more specifics, but your box is going to be a very large factor in determining your loudness.
  15. SS Teacher

    Been missing the forum

    Are you the guy who asks the weird questions about speakers and amps in backpacks? Those were fun! If not, welcome back anyway.
  16. Don't they make adapters and dash kits to fit a single din HU in a factory double din location?
  17. Your ear will not be able to detect the difference between 13.8 and 14.4 volt electrical output. Not a ton of 500 watt amps are stable at 1 ohm, and an amp that does 500 watts at 4 ohms is probably going to be a lot bigger than you need. Go to Sonic Electronix and check out Kicker and Rockford Fosgate Punch (not Prime) amps. What is your budget?
  18. SS Teacher

    SSA Gcon 12"

    Great write-up, thanks.
  19. SS Teacher

    Opinion's on new subs ????

    The advantage of 2 XCONs would be a better resistance load match to your amp.
  20. SS Teacher

    nice sounding car system

    I agree with this notion of liking cookies. The best type of cookie I have ever had was a homemade soft baked chocolate chip cookie. And yes, I am attempting to lead this thread more off track than it already was. Cookies anyone? I'm really more of an oatmeal raisin kind of guy. I can also get down for a good peanut butter cookie. My wife has this peanut butter cookie recipe that doesn't use flour! It's peanut butter, vanilla and brown sugar, DANG those are awesome cookies.
  21. SS Teacher

    Another bloody calculator

    Hey Mods, could we pin this? There have been a lot of people asking where to find box calculators and this one came from one of own. Stefan, thanks!
  22. Setting amplifier gains is the very first permanent thread under the main section Amplifiers/ Head Units/ etc. It's a great read.
  23. SS Teacher

    need a box design for 3 skar audio vvx 8s

    Where we "dicks" before or after you adopted that attitude? This is a thinking man's forum, we're going to ask you what you want to accomplish and then base recommendations based on that, not just "tell you to buy x or y" like other forums.
  24. Just about any amp can blow speakers if not set correctly, but I don't think that amp is too much if set up right. Give us more info...box, speaker impedance, electrical upgrades,etc; did you adjust the gains or was it professionally done.
  25. SS Teacher

    Lost in this world

    Super Simple. Big Amps, lots 'o power, lots 'o wire needed to supply amps. I thought you were having an existential crisis from the thread title, I'm glad this was a simpler question.