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  1. The repairs are far from cheap over here. I have my eye set on something a little more special than the S4 - but I'll leave that story for another day! Well it has been a while since I've updated the log! Remember those 2 extra channels that shiny new Sundown amp gave me, well... That should occupy those extra channels sufficiently I'll be having a set up front replacing my Ground Zero components and replacing the standard rear speakers with a set too! Finally a new home for the Sundown amp... Besides that it has been a relatively quiet winter. Still to do: deadening, fit speakers, refit boot trim and get some proper scores! For now the car is back with Rich he he he
  2. Thank you. I bought this car specifically to have a loud streetbasser, I'll have a twin for it soon, but with a few extra hundred bhp
  3. Thanks bro, one day I hope to visit the French Caribbean! Plenty more work to do... Some pics from yesterday. Working out how to mount the amp... Ended up deciding to put it on the other seat horizontally. Took the seats out so Rich could have them and properly fabricate a recess of some sort for the amp. Look at those runs of KK, they look a bit lonely don't they The wiring needs tidying up but that's because most of it is for the speaker amp and not connected up to anything. Can't wait to get the Sundown amp fitted, listening to music with just the back speakers is getting tedious lol.
  4. Got it all rewired to 1ohm nominal and that's when the fun started. Playing music or burping full tilt using the CD player just resulted in skipping and restarting of what was being played. The only firm score I've got so far is at 20hz, managing a respectable 147.4. I'm sure this will increase a little in the next week or so once I have made some mods to the car itself In that time when I was burping I managed to blow a power fet on the speaker amp, whilst the amp still worked I thought it was time to refresh the front end... Out with the old In with the new! The old amp was 2 channels, this new Sundown beast has 4 Then I had some issues with my second alt, in the end it required some mods to the bracket... Whilst all this was happening I'd had a discussion with the installer who came up with a plan with strengthening the build a little... Getting some custom fabrication done to help that boot lid a little Just this weekend I had another package arrive too... Which brings us up to date. A lot of work left, need to get that speaker amp fitted, all that deadening applied and boot trim refitted. Even after all this I'm awaiting another package to arrive that will have nice new equipment inside he he he.
  5. Well fast forward a little... Box made, variable port tuning with 35hz and 27hz ports made, currently using the 27hz port Initially it the subs were wired to 4 ohm, here are some vids from when they were on such little power...
  6. While the car was getting all that weight added to it's trunk I thought I'd review the brakes and suspension. They were due for replacements anyway but I thought I'd take it a step further and make sure they were a little overkill. Job done
  7. I had different ideas when it came to the sub stage. For reasons beyond my control my initial plans went out the window and I ended up ordering 2 Fi SP4 15" subwoofers fully loaded. At the same time I started looking into SPL meters. I'd ran loud systems for 4 years now and for the most part had to guesstimate how loud they were between getting official readings. Unfortunately in the UK termlabs are pretty rare, when they do come up for sale they're either priced quite high or sell very quickly. Fortunately I stumbled across the SPL Lab offering and got me an LCD meter.
  8. When I first started toying round with the idea of a new install the thing I was probably most certain on was the amp, I wanted something that could produce a fair bit of power, somewhere in the 5-6kwrms region. I was made many different offers, even offered a Cadence amp at pretty much "cost price" but in the end I sourced an SPL Dynamics D6 from Germany (thanks to Dieter@First Class Audio Service!).
  9. Modestep - Exile Right, more pics! Now I had the dual alts I knew the rest of the power supply needed to be top notch, so I went ahead with Knukonceptz and XS Power for wiring and batteries. In total I have 3 runs of 0g through the car, 2 positive and a dedicated ground run to supplement the chassis.
  10. Very lucky although it took a 5am start, 5 hour drive there and 4 hours home, a very long day! Off hand I don't know, I'll find out for you though. I'll add more pics and vids tomorrow, time to catch some zzzs!
  11. The alternators... As standard my car came with a 140a alt, but there was a known direct replacement that was advertised as 210a but was capable of around 250-260a at 2krpm engine speed. Only real pic I have of the first alt... I knew that this project would probably use a big amp so needed a power supply up to the job. The easiest option to me was to get a second alt fitted. To cut a long story short I got in contact with all the major American alt companies and no one could offer me what I wanted so I got a second 210a alt and got Grove Autoparts to fit it in place of my air con pump. Pics... London traffic Almost 5 hours later we arrived Air con pump removed Then it was time to make up a mounting bracket for the second alt Both alts fitted and running on a Goodyear Gatorback belt...
  12. The car The headunit The front speakers
  13. Again a loud set up, was a pretty flat 145db set up. By then the bass bug had bit me and I just wanted more!