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  1. Well I'm piecing everything together. I will have the subs, ordered two NINe.1 amps, and I have a price quote on a 170A alt. So if I just get the alt, I'll be fine with the yellow top I have under the hood? It's a new yellow top and I've already done the Big 3...well battery ground, anyway. As soon as I get that alt I'll do the rest.
  2. So if I'm running about 2200 watts with a 170 amp alt, what size/how many of those Powermasters would I want? (have a yellow top up front)
  3. shooter69

    Don't know much about the Mags

    Alright, thanks guys.
  4. Hey guys, Just need some info on these babies (the 12" D2's) mainly. First off....price! Secondly, I would like to know how these monsters stack up against the L7's and the Fi BL subs. I'm stuck between getting the 12" L7, BL, or D2. Performance....The car that anything will be put in is a '03 ford taurus (seats do fold down). Each sub will be powered off of a RF T10001.bd amp. in a box like this... http://www.subwoofertools.com/forum/ported...;Fs=27&CE=0 So which sub will I get the most performance out of? The subs that I need to compete with, here in my town, are two 12" L7's. Everyone thinks nothing can compare to them. Can I show them wrong with a couple MAG's? Thanks guys, -Sam
  5. shooter69

    My BL comes tommorow!!!

    Hey man, I'll talk to you about it tonight, once I get home.
  6. shooter69

    BL and L7

    The car that the L7's are in, here, are in a cavalere (haven't a clue how to spell it) and the BL's would go in a Ford taurus. Each L7 is in it's own separate box that have the kicker logo on it with aero ports. They are also being ran off of an alpine V12.
  7. shooter69

    BL and L7

    Ok, so they are similar in price... Is it the square shape that is giving the L7 the advantage, here?
  8. shooter69

    BL and L7

    Alright, I don't mean to be hating on Fi, but... the L7 runs about $230 (free shipping) bucks off of techronics. the BL (with cooling option and shipping) runs $400. The BL rms' at 250 watts more than the L7. Is it because the L7 is square? I mean, almost half the price, yet it can keep up with the BL? Like I said, guys, I'm not meaning to hate, I would just like some info on why this is so!
  9. shooter69

    BL and L7

    No problem. Peace
  10. shooter69

    BL and L7

    Hey, bro, if you have msn messenger, add me paintball_182@hotmail.com we can talk some more, but I have to roll outa here so I'll talk to you later. Thanks, man.
  11. shooter69

    BL and L7

    I would go about 3.5 cubes, no higher than 32 hz with that fifteen, for sure.
  12. shooter69

    BL and L7

    Two 12" BL's, gonna put them in a 4.2 ft^3 box. Tuned to about 32 hz or so. Ran off of a T10001.bd each.
  13. shooter69

    BL and L7

    Gonna be workin over the summer to get them. NOBODY in this town has them, or even heard of them. So I'll be blowin some heads off with 'em.
  14. shooter69

    BL and L7

    Alright, bro. Thanks! Yeah and let me know how you like your BL, too!
  15. shooter69

    BL and L7

    Hey guys, quick question. Do two 12" BL's have enough balls to beat out two 12" L7's? I have a friend that is dead set that it can't happen since he has never heard of Fi. Did I tell him wrong by saying that the BL's could out do the L7's? Thanks, -Sam