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  1. Midwestrider

    Swift's 2012 F250

    Lee, doors came out very nice! Damn near look stock!!! You make it look very easy, but you also have a good skill at woodworking also. Going back to my corner now with truck envy! I most definitely want a demo now.
  2. Midwestrider

    Swift's 2012 F250

    Thank you good sir....
  3. Midwestrider

    Swift's 2012 F250

    Question for you sir, what is the width and height of your baffle (excluding the port & including it).
  4. Midwestrider

    Swift's 2012 F250

    Nice amp there Swift!!!
  5. Midwestrider

    Swift's 2012 F250

    He's back...... Nice rig there and nice list of mods. Looking forward to see this build also.. If I may ask what made you get another F250, miss having a big truck?
  6. Midwestrider

    Dodge Crew Cab System- Suggestions?

    Nice start, how much depth do you have in that compartment?
  7. Midwestrider

    Budget Wall Build (6) 15'S 4,000 WATTS

    Nice truck, and was a nice install. I'm sure the next will just as good. Two thumbs up!!
  8. Midwestrider

    *Swift's Rebuild* 3 SP4 18's, 12k Walled F250

    Nice progress!!!!
  9. Midwestrider

    Which model - Sealed 15" - 2 to 2.5 cf^3

    Aaron, Thanks for you input!
  10. Midwestrider

    Which model - Sealed 15" - 2 to 2.5 cf^3

    Shogen - Is this an answer or a question? If a question, I'm looking at the offered 15" from either line. Difference I see on paper is XCON handles more power and a slightly bigger box spec. Let me state my question in the manner, cost aside what would make someone opt for the XCON over the ICON or vice versa.
  11. Hi SSA, Currently in the market for a 15" sub that works best in sealed, airspace is 2.0 to 2.5 cf^3. Power for use is 750W on low-end to 1800W on high-end. Music preference is a mix of r&b, rock and some rap when the mood strikes. This will be in a crew cab truck, orginally I was looking at a quad setup for 8's or a single 12 but decided to look at going with the biggest driver I can fit. Feedback from users of the ICON and XCON would be great. Thanks in advance for your time and assistance. MW