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    Grounding idea

    if youre do that use stainless steel. OR brass/aluminum something that wont rust.or you can always undercoat the weld. because welds rust easy. but you can alway have a ground block made and bolt it to the unibody. i was just thinking today in my machining class of working on a independant project of taking a block of aluminum and machining it down in the CNC Mill and machining holes for 2 grounds and a bolt hole.
  2. Austin863

    Ported Box, need help!

    Yes, Just go to lowes and pick up some PVC piping. id flare the ends as well if you know what i mean?
  3. Austin863

    SP4 Caught On Fire!!!!

    i did this with my gcon's but they never caught fire just burnt the spider and the pad on the back of the cone with some discoloration. got the magnet pretty toasty a few times but thats because i was running over rms. haha. but it took the beating like a champ i reconed it and bought another one. but they are sold now and i have 2 xcon 18's now.
  4. Austin863

    Austin863's X-WAGON Build

    Indeed it will be the X-WAGON that name looks sweeter anyway!
  5. Austin863

    Austin863's X-WAGON Build

    Wagon = Van not the GWAGON any more! (;
  6. Austin863

    Austin863's X-WAGON Build

    I keep mine cleaner than most people do their house and car. Well then we may just have a dealio on our hands!
  7. Austin863

    Austin863's X-WAGON Build

    Idk nem .5 cents isnt a big drop in price! and thanks chop i know im getting a killer deal and im gonna be sooooo happy!
  8. Austin863

    Austin863's X-WAGON Build

    I think i am! i mean sheesh. i dunno what this guy is doing 2 18'' xcons for 650 bucks sheesh? idk!
  9. Austin863

    Austin863's X-WAGON Build

    Going to pick up some xcon 18's tomorrow will have some vid's of it on the ap1500. sold the GCON 15's. Its been hush hush but all of the sudden was set on a EVIL but Xcons i think would be best! can't wait to get them full powered in the wagon!! they are coming out of the sealed box eventually and going ported! can't wait to do this build this summer before college starts!
  10. Austin863

    IAK and Team IAK audio .jpeg files

    Well the file for the shirts was a PDF file.
  11. Austin863

    Time for a change-Mr. Clinton?

    I only listen to C'rap music when im showing my system off. most of the time i listen to rock music.
  12. Austin863

    IAK and Team IAK audio .jpeg files

    Well chop i have those pics and the IAK one i used on the coins isn't the one i need. i need the one thats on the back of the shirt design. do you have that one? if not i can use the IAK mashed symbol. but i'm making a little plaque with LED's to light it up underneath. Using CAD/CAM to do it. gonna be a cool little project.
  13. Austin863

    HELP on system

    Well i have 2 gcon 15's i used to run kicker ds 6.5 co-axil's they were no where near enough. i have a cerwin vega 400.4 running incriminator audio front end. IA 6.5's comps. They are godly! i love them so smooth and loud. i also have crescendo audio loudbass 6.5's not installed yet. but you really only need 1 set of tweets. your midbass speakers is what a few of you could really be happy with. more than a set of 2 tweets is pointless unless your competing. and you want something that will scream.
  14. Austin863

    Austin863's X-WAGON Build

    Preparing to hopefully get a SSA EVIL!
  15. Austin863

    Wood cuting

    Hey guys i know this is a stupid question but when lowes cuts your wood are the cuts pretty straight. And what do they charge per cut? let me know. i've been having a hell of a time getting straight cuts with my saw and a guide clamp... for the most part they are straight but when the box is all assembled there is always a few corners that are off balance...
  16. Austin863

    Wood cuting

    looks like i have lots of time for practicing seeing is how im only 17 haha
  17. Austin863

    Wood cuting

    yes i use a t-square and one of thoes clamp's which nem has let me borrow. but i still can never get them right maybe what swift said about the tape being a little slack ill try measuring from the 1 in dash instead of the end. But all of these points you all have made are basically what i do haha. wasn't sure if there were something along thoes lines i was doing wrong or something from blade to the edge of the plate on my saw is 1.25 in. thats what i place my straight edge at. draw a line with the square and then place the straight edge basically right on top of that line on the left edge and then i cut. they are pretty straight from what i see but sometimes when i get the box together it does always fit the way id expect. the bottom is always flush but never the top haha. but i guess practice makes perfect. And i guess lowes is the walmart of hardware so getting cuts done there wouldnt be ideal. but thanks for the help guys. One more quick question. How much better would a table saw work for cuts like what i'm making? Basically what im doing is designing and building boxes for friends or people who ask as something to do for side money. ported and sealed... but yes im just trying to get more input and get better at building box's
  18. Austin863

    Wood cuting

    yeah no doubt the only problems i ever have is the top plat never fits flush haha. so i usually have to sand the hell out of the corners that aren't even. How are thoes evil prototypes treating you they are so BA.
  19. Austin863

    4 dcon 10s box

    This enclosure is definitely possible. With 2 inches wide slot port 12 in long and 14.5 high. it would be tuned at about 30 hz and it would fall right into 5.00 cubic feet net volume (after displacement)
  20. Austin863

    My car pics motherload

    Swift.... I. am. jealous.
  21. Austin863

    NEM's Evilinator!!

    Yeah yeah haha still wanna hear it! It is more than likely too loud for young ones. :P/>
  22. Austin863

    NEM's Evilinator!!

    Just wait ^ Nem is a master at making things work (; you'll see what it looks like it doesnt look bad after he is done.
  23. Austin863

    NEM's Evilinator!!

    Looks pretty. What was the mistake the face too small? Or what happened?