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    2000 honda insight
  1. dimethoxy

    ICON 12 or SA-12?

    i'd get icon if you can afford it, but i got an sa cause it's cheaper. It's awesome though, sounds really good. i'm defiantly happy with it
  2. dimethoxy

    new amp; suggestions??

    is that thing actually nice??
  3. dimethoxy

    new amp; suggestions??

    lol yeah, i'm definately gonna try and get the crescendo but the rockford is nice if it doesn't work out. sundown dc audio i rather than endo or hifonics oh and aq audio idk but i hate amps that look out dated i think they have to make them look nicer they too bulky and square just me ok sencheezy im out before you go gay on me again lol lol, it looks like it's gonna make some bass to me.
  4. dimethoxy

    new amp; suggestions??

    lol, what's wrong with crescendo?? word on the hifonics though
  5. dimethoxy

    new amp; suggestions??

    somebody is selling it on craigslist, i just hope nobody has bought it yet. i have to drive an hour to get to it and an hour back though; but totally worth it considering that gas money won't be bad cause my car gets obnoxious gas milage and it's like the nicest amp ever lol.
  6. dimethoxy

    new amp; suggestions??

    I'm guessing that he is avoiding Hifonics... I would look for an old sundown audio sax1000.d or saz-1500d, the latter of the amps I've used and it was simply the best sub amp I have ever owned to date. but the hfi series from hifonics suck big time they garbage but the brz are the flag ship of hifonics i can get a crescendo bc2000d for 180 or a rockford r1000-1d for 170. the rockford is not the best they have made but i'd still preffer it over the hifonics, and if the crescendo works out then that'll be an amazing deal. i just don't know if my sa-12 can handle 1000+ watts rms.
  7. dimethoxy

    new amp; suggestions??

    a crescendo bc2000d for 180, sweet jeebus!! would this amp be too much for my sa-12?? i've heard that the sa-12 is really underrated on it's rms handling
  8. dimethoxy

    new amp; suggestions??

    thanks for the advice, i'm pushing it at $200 though. i would love to get a crazy nice amp but i can't afford it right now is there a secret amp that i have not seen $200 or under which produces godly power w/ quality?? would a used rockford r1000-1d for 170 be a good idea? i'll check it out, thanks
  9. dimethoxy

    new amp; suggestions??

    i need an amp that's $200 or less to push a single sundown sa-12, 4ohm dvc i have a hifonics hifi1000.1d but it's total shit the box is 1.5ft^3 tuned to 30hz i want enough bass but not too much i am looking at rockford r500-1 kicker zx750.1d mtx td1000.1d it's going in a 2000 honda insight any suggestions?? i want some quality but i'm also trying to save as much money as possible