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  1. Dfrancis24

    Lots of things for sale

    Can't find what all you have for sale
  2. Dfrancis24

    Lots of things for sale

    What's ur fb you got any batteries or rf mids
  3. Dfrancis24

    dust cover

    i did emailed you, you sent it off a coulpe days ago thanks shawn
  4. Dfrancis24

    AA mayhem 15 tuning

    what kind of port you do ?
  5. Dfrancis24

    AA mayhem 15 tuning

    anyone got anymore opions on box spec
  6. Dfrancis24

    dust cover

    am looking for a AA dust cover for 15 imch sub? whats the price of dustcover and where can i get it from? thanks
  7. i do second run of 4 it be easier
  8. does any one know how i would hook this up to the fan and my amp?http://www.darvex.com/store/pc/Stinger-Adjustable-Fan-Controller-63p195.htm#details
  9. Dfrancis24

    alarm/remote start hook up

    i lost the instruction i knoi have to use a diode when hooking it up but am not sure how to do it
  10. Dfrancis24

    alarm/remote start hook up

    hi i have a clifford 590.2x and i have to addons which is the dual zone motion sensor 508d and digital tilt sensor 507m how do i wire these two to my alarm thur the optinal mux port for additional sensors
  11. Dfrancis24

    Relay bypass for the AVH P8400BH?

    try the relay 85,30 to ground 86 remote from radio 87 to B.wire
  12. Dfrancis24


    what you mean by destroyed did they decide to burn all the solo x subs lol
  13. Dfrancis24


    There is a good chance, that if it was reconed and doesn't have a sticker, it's just because they were out of "AA" dustcaps and used the generic black one instead of making the customer wait for something cosmetic. As far as being a Mayhem or not, Nick will be the authority on that. thanks for seen eye to eye check your inbox
  14. Dfrancis24


    okay i broght it of this guy who works for dc audio and he seen stechy like he lied to me and said it was never reconed and the logo fell off but in realatiy it was recone by nick when he seen the pics and if the logo fell of you would be able to see the inprint and u cant see it so i dont believe the guy and if it was not a mayhem i want my money back