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  1. btl_Co

    "ufo" style btl magnet boot cover

    I figured :/ thanks gor the response!
  2. Ive got a 2nd gen single slug btl 18 and was wondering if any where or anyone has a rubber magnet cover for this thing that they would sell me.if you can help me out,let me know.thanks much!
  3. btl_Co

    Ufo btl 18 question

    I bought a 2009 model btl the other day from a guy.he couldn't remember if the sub had the daily or spl option on it..i looked to see wat it said in marker on the inside on the former.it says 18 btl d2 FL ( meaning fully loaded im guessing) would this woofer be maked "spl" on the former where the other stuff is marked?the guy said that wen he ordered it,he didnt tell them which option between the two that he wanted so im guessing fi just put the daily use on it?? Lol im not sure.if anyone has a ufo style btl with spl option and know if it has an spl marking on the former,please let me know..im hoping my sub is the daily lol thanks for any help and input! :]
  4. btl_Co

    18" BTL question..please help

    I know the differences.i bought the sub off someone who couldnt remember which option he chose so i just didnt know if there was a way i could tell but i guess not lol thanks for the response and input..
  5. btl_Co

    18" BTL question..please help

    Just purchased a new in crate 18" btl with the ufo style motor.is there a way i can tell if it has the daily use or spl option?? The sub is EXTREMLY stiff.. I looked on the inside to see wat it said in maker on the former but all it said was dual 2 btl 18 fc. I hope its the daily lol im gona need to sell it if its the spl option unfortanantly.. any input would be greatly appreciated.thanks
  6. btl_Co

    18" BTL with "ufo" style motor question

    Ok thanks for the response..and also were the ufo btl's available with a daily or spl option?
  7. What are some specs on the ufo style btl 18"? As i cant ind them on the fi site. It was built in 2009,fully loaded dual 1 ohm,got it from a guy that never used it,still in the crate..my main question is what is the xmax on this style btl and are these still in production?? Any input is greatly appreciated..thanks!!