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  1. Rallye_Ghost

    Best Movies

    Priest is a great movie to watch in HD.
  2. Rallye_Ghost

    Component recomendation needed.

    True, the Dahlquist are a hard act to follow. But, the JL's sounded awesome on everything I played. They had the C5's on the soundboard, which sounded great. But, I wanted to hear them in a real world application and thought they sounded even better installed. I know SSA has a good store, I got my Xcon from them. I really wish there were more choices locally. But after reading countless threads and reviews I decided to get something I could actually listen to.
  3. Rallye_Ghost

    Component recomendation needed.

    I ended up getting a set of JL Audio C5's. I got to hear them installed in a couple of vehicles and loved the sound! Plus, I get to support my local dealer. Thanks for the help guys!!
  4. Rallye_Ghost

    Component recomendation needed.

    True. I just looking for good speaker manufacturers to look into. I want something to sound as good in my car as my Dahlquist sound in my house.
  5. Rallye_Ghost

    Component recomendation needed.

    I'll research the CDT's as well! Thanks for the help guys!!
  6. Rallye_Ghost

    Component recomendation needed.

    The bad news is there isn't anywhere around here to hear either one. I can hear JL, Fosgate, and Kicker, but not the brands I really want to hear.
  7. Rallye_Ghost

    Component recomendation needed.

    I just looked up the Clarus......this is going to be a hard decision!!
  8. Rallye_Ghost

    Component recomendation needed.

    The Hertz hsk 165 XL is at the top of my list. I'll have to research the Clarus set. Thanks for your help!
  9. I need help picking a good set of components. I have 125w rms per channel to run them on and I need 6 3/4" size woofers. The amp I will be using is my US Amps USA-300. I don't really care about how loud they get, but I want to have the best sq that I can get. My budget is around the $500 - $600 range. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!! Edit: I forgot to add that I listen to just about every type of music, so they must be well rounded.
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    New Guy Here

  13. I may not get to come up after all.