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  1. fuzzyping

    This Ship Has Sailed!

    Mike, it was awesome being a customer of yours. You not only put out quality equipment but did so with unparalleled customer service at a very competitive price. I think I can speak for everyone here in thanking you for your years of service and wishing you well with your future endeavors. Jason
  2. is still looking for comps to fit his 2002 4Runner

  3. is still looking for comps to fit his 2002 4Runner

  4. is still looking for comps to fit his 2002 4Runner

  5. fuzzyping

    Might let go of a pair of RL-i8's

    I'm still holding onto them for now. My ICON 12 is sitting on the sideline getting jealous (and it's no slouch).
  6. fuzzyping

    1965 VW Beetle +10" 187 = awesome

    You have no idea what I'd do for that car. I've been wanting to find a '61-67 beetle forever. They're really hard to find on the East coast in any sort of decent condition. My 2nd car was a '73 standard Beetle that I used to show. Nice paint job. I love the clean look. Mine had the fender turn signals shaved and all the chrome removed. Lowered front-end with 8-spoke EMPI rims painted to match. *sigh*
  7. fuzzyping

    Might let go of a pair of RL-i8's

    Originally my single RL-i8 was running off a SAE-1500D prototype from Jacob. I burnt that up and eventually replaced it with the SAZ-1500D you see in that video.
  8. fuzzyping

    2002 Toyota 4Runner

    Yes, but not one I'd feel comfortable with for such a task.
  9. fuzzyping

    2002 Toyota 4Runner

    I'd just as soon use the Jasper to cut both, with screws in the ring to cut the ID. I think it could be done cleanly by cutting the ID first using the Jasper, but leaving 2-3 "spokes" around the inner perimeter to give the inner ring a place to hold onto. Then cut the OD. And then finish it up with a jigsaw and sanding of the spokes.
  10. fuzzyping

    2002 Toyota 4Runner

    To add to my last question, I'd like to know how to taper a ring, like this one. Other than very careful sanding, I can't imagine how that would be done.
  11. fuzzyping

    2002 Toyota 4Runner

    Yeah, that's what I have. But that's not enough for creating rings. For example, I can cut out the center but then I won't have anywhere to put the center piece for the jig. Or I can cut out the exterior first but then I don't have enough room to clamp the piece (I could drill holes through it). Somewhere I read a technique for ring cutting that lets you cut perfect rings without marring the material.
  12. fuzzyping

    Welcome to the IHoP

    Welcome back ///M5. Missed you for my comps thread!
  13. nmssd12 has an 05 4Runner. Might want to check with him.
  14. fuzzyping

    SAX-100.4 power output

    I think that's the point the insurance company is trying to convey.
  15. fuzzyping

    Still looking for components

    Certainly Have you thought about bending those mounting tabs a little ? It's not that the tabs themselves are pointing out. The post(?) they're attached to is just that far out to the side. Pics over here at the build log.