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  1. cx-7heaven

    WTB** Orion HCCA-D2400

    Product I'm looking for: HCCA-d2400 Budget: Let me know. I have "8" 8 inch ID 8v3d4 and a Soundstream REF1.1000 that's in 9.5/10 shape. Not all of that for the Orion lol, I do know what they are worth. Also have cash. Condition: Physical can be 6/10, but must work perfect. Time Frame (if applicable): ASAP
  2. cx-7heaven

    WTB: Ascendant Audio Havoc 18

    As the title says. Only interested in a Havoc 18, d2 or d4 is ok. I will have cash and/or some things to trade.
  3. Product Brand & Model: ACOUSTIC RESEARCH HT392 FLAT SPKR CABLE---6@ 50 ea. ACOUSTIC RESEARCH HT380 MOUNTING TAPE--- 10@ 10 ea. ESOTERIC AUDIO HYPER-S IN WALL SPKR CABLE 30 FT ROLL---2@ 30 ea. ESOTERIC AUDIO BANANA PLUGS—2 PAIR @ 5 ea. ESOTERIC AUDIO CABLE PINS--- 2 PAIR @ 5 ea. ARTCESSORIES DJ PREII PHONO PREAMP---1@ 35 MONSTER CABLE MCX 2-S CTR CHANNEL SPKR CABLE 10 FT.---1@ 40 MONSTER CABLE I400 DCX-8 MPK THX RCA CABLE 8FT.---4 @ 20 ea. MONSTER CABLE I1000 DCX-4 MPK RCA CABLE 4FT.---13 @ 40 ea. MONSTER CABLE DVI400 DVI CABLE 2M---1@ 15 STINGER HELIX RCA SPLITTER 1F-2M---3 @ 12 ea. STINGER HELIX RCA PAIR 3FT---3@ 17 ea STINGER DREAM RCA SPLITTER 1F-2M---6@ 20 ea. STINGER DREAM RCA SPLITTER 1M-2F---1@ 20 ea. STINGER BANANA PLUGS 1 PAIR---4@ 10 ea STINGER RCA BUTT CONNECTOR F-F---2@ 8 ea. STINGER RCA BUTT CONNECTOR M-M---4@ 8 ea. STINGER GRILL CLOTH BLACK 36”X66”---5@ 25 ea. STINGER GRILL CLOTH WHITE 36”X66”---1@ 25 RCA UNIVERSAL REMOTE---1 15 SENNHEISER PXC 150 NOISE CANCELLING HEADPHONES---1@ 75 Condition of all items: All Items are BNIB/NOS except for the Sennheisers which were opened to verify functionality. Total Price: : All prices are shipped to the lower 48 via USPS. If other is desired, you pay the difference. I will look at all offers/ package requests. Shipping Terms: : CONUS only unless special arrangements are made. Pictures: - Unless you are a Upgraded member, or your last 10 iTrader feedbacks are positive, you must post a picture of the exact item you are selling. Additional info: Once they are gone, they're gone. Was a one time auction purchase.
  4. cx-7heaven

    large lot of amps and other things

    PM's replied to
  5. cx-7heaven

    large lot of amps and other things

    Time to move some things: HCCA d2400: 175 shipped RF Power 250m: 175 shipped RD D9: 800 shipped (5k amp here folks)
  6. cx-7heaven

    large lot of amps and other things

    Whelen/PIAA strobelighting setup is sold pending payment
  7. cx-7heaven

    large lot of amps and other things

    HCCA 225 sold
  8. cx-7heaven

    large lot of amps and other things

    Last SAX 125.2 sold.
  9. cx-7heaven

    large lot of amps and other things

    Daddy needs a new hard drive, offer up!
  10. cx-7heaven

    WTB: amp that can do 400rms at 4ohms

    In my FS thread are two choices for you. A Sundown SAX 125.2 2 channel which has been clamped to do over 550 @ 4 ohms, and an Orion HCCA d2400 mono amp that is stable to 1 ohm, and is rated to do 400+ @ 4Ohms. http://www.soundsolu...d-other-things/ Edit: actually, the RF is also a viable amp, it is rated to do 250 @ 4OHms, but will easily do over 400 @ 4 ohms. It is what is called a cheater amp, that why the ratings are off so much. All choices are 200 and under, so good deals all around.
  11. cx-7heaven

    Looking to buy a clean 1000-1600rms amp!

    It still looks pretty good. I believe it's 6-8 yrs old.
  12. cx-7heaven

    Looking to buy a clean 1000-1600rms amp!

    HCCA is top line Orion. This amp will do it's 1200 all day long. I have been running it for about 2 years now, and it's always been good to me. BTW, you need to figure out which WTB thread you want use, 2 is 1 too many lol.
  13. cx-7heaven

    Looking to buy a clean 1000-1600rms amp!

    I have an Orion hcca d2400(1200 rms) for sale in my thread: http://www.soundsolutionsaudio.com/forum/topic/57627-large-lot-of-amps-and-other-things/
  14. cx-7heaven

    large lot of amps and other things

    1 SAX 125.2 sold, 1 left