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  1. livinloud_zk

    Low cost subs for high displacement project...?

    Pierce Audio Products was having a sale on their WMD 18s? They were only $175.00 a piece but they are 1000rms?
  2. livinloud_zk

    nightshade 12

    true but I would like to run 3000 to one sub
  3. livinloud_zk

    nightshade 12

    alright thanks guys. jacob how much would the recone be to upgrade the nightshade to handle the 3000? I only want to run one twelve for now and have the 3000 already. If anyone has any other opinions other than a different amp let me know thanks.
  4. livinloud_zk

    nightshade 12

    Will the new nightshade 12 for sale at th SSA shop handle the SAZ-3000 daily?
  5. livinloud_zk

    btl swap?

    thanks guys I'm just having a hard time selling as it needs a recone.
  6. livinloud_zk

    btl swap?

    I was wondering how much it would cost and if it could be done. I want to turn my 18" btl into a twelve. Can I just buy a basket and recone or will the motor need tooling? thanks for any help.
  7. livinloud_zk

    Enclosure problems

    thereare many people who build boxes in this forum get ahold of someone in your area and im sure youll be very satisfied..
  8. livinloud_zk

    2x 2000s or 1x3500?

    okay I can get two 2000s or one 3500 which would be better for two upgraded nightshades? thanks
  9. livinloud_zk

    distinction of fi subs

    looks like a btl but i have the same sub and mine doesnt have a chrome top plate? maybe they came with them for awhile but the dust cap doesnt have stock glue either so idk could be just a fi recone on a different sub..
  10. livinloud_zk

    2nd Generation of Sundown

  11. livinloud_zk

    Thinking of a new box

    ^^^^very true.. you also might want to think about the fact that since your trunk is sealed off you will build up ALOT of pressure so maybe a lil deadener or more deadener if you have already have some. would it also be possible to make the box narrower to keep it between the trunk supports?
  12. livinloud_zk

    Thinking of a new box

    is your trunk sealed from the cab?
  13. livinloud_zk


    i need a btl fully loaded d2 18 recone (w/ old style motor) if anyone can help plz let me know
  14. livinloud_zk

    need help

    its my friends setup its an older pioneer low volts and yes theyre split on opposing sides