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  1. tommy

    sealed ht sub

    think that will be enough? do they make different ohm loads?
  2. tommy

    sealed ht sub

    I don't want used really. I've had a lot of adire gear. I don't need anymore. The tune was in the low 30s. It was crazy peaky.I wanna stay will sealed for ease of box design also.....
  3. tommy

    sealed ht sub

    Budget. Not really sure. I already have a few hundred it the amp and 50 feet of wiring and connectors. Maybe like 500 on the high end
  4. tommy

    sealed ht sub

    i can use whatever as long as it performs with power and ohm load i have. i've considered everything from one high powered 10 to a stack of 18's........ but i've been out of the game for so long that i have no idea where to go look....
  5. tommy

    sealed ht sub

    so i haven't been on here for awhile since been i have been extremely busy with my new house, puppies, and building my currect truck but now that summer is coming around it is time to relax, open up the windows and blast some tunes. so here is my question. i have a behringer 2500 for my sub duties in my home theater. i'm looking for a sub or subs that handle music well in a home theater application while sealed. i've tried ported applications in my house and with vaulted and peaked ceilings it makes it way to "peaky" and was not to my liking at all for all kinds of music. so what subs should i look into for a floor firing sealed applcation. size isn't a concern and i'll build the box myself so i can use whatever internal space. i'm just looking for an overpowering sub stage to keep up with rock and rap with my current 7 speaker ht set-up since i usually use all speakers in 7 channel stereo mode when cranking the tunes and working around the house. thanks for the help in advance hopefully i can order something this week since it's driving me nuts with no low end grunt at the moment
  6. tommy

    yamaha 661 and ep2500 help

    actually, i think its actually my sub now thats sucking. to chitty of sub and to high of tuning. it should be putting out more output for the power its getting. hopefully i don't pop the sub haha. i'm lost now i played a lil john song and it was louder then chit. change songs with a different tuning and it thorughs it into clipping or has crappy output
  7. tommy

    yamaha 661 and ep2500 help

    so i finally hooked up my new yamaha 661 with my new behringer ep 2500. just used my sub out to an rac to an rca.xlr adapter. just temporarily hooked it up to my ported kicker til i decide what ht set-up i want. now here's my problem. there is almost no output from my sub, with much more power then my speakers i can't even hear it because when i turn it up my new ep2500 almost instantly goes into clipped and kills the signal. any ideas? i'm such a newb to ht it hurts
  8. tommy

    welding wire

    i guess, i priced it out locally and i would of only saved a few bucks and it wasnt worth the hassle. screw needing a pipe bender for some of that chit
  9. tommy

    2 batteries in the trunk

    ive seen no problems with my short use of irragi's but that is if you can get ahold of him and get what you want. also fuse everything imo. not at 400 amps is it really a fuse since you'd probably burn your wire long before hand, but you can get anl fuses from 250-400 amps
  10. tommy

    welding wire

    whats wrong with knu
  11. tommy

    Yellow Tops, Blue Tops,

    i love optimas and thats all i have to say
  12. tommy

    copper terminals?

    imo if he was going for every tenth he wouldn't be using 2 guage wire or a 165 amp alt when they make like 400 for those jeeps, hell i was gonna put a 300+ into my 96 cherokee and i didn't give a chit about the meter. get some 1/0 and pull the stock chit off. it's ugly and has asmall guage on those jeeps anyways and mine had some piece of chit termianls and terrible crimps from the factory. or if you need that tenth that may or may not exist use two runs of 1/0 for extra DBZ, or better straight bus bars. and yes i'm being a smartass
  13. tommy

    Knu Wire OMG!

    actually, not that i have a problem with my knu wire, but it is much smaller then my 1/0 monster cable and thats just comparing stripped knu wire to stripped monster cable wire
  14. tommy

    Can it be done for under a hundred??

    give him a hundred dollar gift certificate and tell him to go get his own chit
  15. tommy

    Mobile 5.1?

    off topic but why?