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  1. No idea what the sweet pickles van is.
  2. some progress Jeffrey. Took a while just to clean it up from sitting for so long but it has batteries in it. Just need to get amps and subs in and wire everything up and do a little testing.
  3. I do not remember seeing this Van in Huntsville ... Was it there ???But then again, I did not get to spend much time in the SPL area at that event ... It was not in Huntsville. The 3x db drag in huntsville only allowed vehicles that were in Finals as well. Planning on having having it at SBN in Daytona. Its slowly coming together.
  4. Love it. Glad you like your Death Row. Would love to see some pictures.
  5. From my personal experience, I put 2 DP 18s in my Siverado a while back with a 20.1 per driver. The enclosure was 14 cubes(7 per) with 200 sq in of port(slot port) tuned to 31. JAMMED!! No joke, one of the most impressive sounding setups I ever owned. Never put it on a meter but it was crazy loud and could play anything.
  6. Not downing the xcon at all but the zcon would be more comparable to the Death Penalty. If you are trying to decide between the xcon and the death penalty, go with the death penalty. You won't be disappointed. The new death penalty has more motor strength, better cooling, and a better coil than the previous model death penalty.
  7. Hate to hear that. You could always come spectate. So thats it though? No one going?
  8. One week away everyone. Who is excited? Who all is going? Be sure to come by and check out the Incriminator booth. We will have all the new products on display. I promise you will not miss us...best booth in the whole building. We will also have our IA competitors there. Beau Boren will have his Chevy Astro with 4 Warden 18's and 8 40.1s. Neill Barber with his Bronco loaded with 16 Death Row 15s. Matthew Karlovic will be there loaded with 2 80.1s on his 4 15s in his Dodge Challenger. Jason Atkins with 6 Warden 12s. BJ Smith will have 8 Death Penalty 18s and 4 80.1s in his Chevy Astro. We also have our SQ guys Steve Cook, Andy Jones, and Robert Petty. Maybe even a few surprises as well. So who is coming to check it out?
  9. Looks loud. Keep them coming. How you liking it?
  10. So now that pretty much everything is available in the SSA store and pictures are up, what do you guys think of the new stuff? What else would you like to see IA offer in the future?
  11. Nice. Hate you got popped in the testicles...lol
  12. Yes. That picture is of a 12. They will definitely be available in 12"
  13. Send me an email. I may be able to help you out. david@incriminatoraudio.com
  14. Good start. Keep us updated and let us what you think of them. We are really proud of our components and coaxials.
  15. Website has not been updated because the new product is just now coming out. We will get the products out and then update the website. If you would like to order any of the new stuff then you can call IA directly and they will point you in the direction of the closest dealer or if there isn't one close then you can buy directly from IA. I already posted the info on the woofer. IA will provide recommended enclosure spec as well.