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  1. Never is Enough, What Next?

    Alright, I'm sure you've read it before and probably been through it; someone bought a setup and loved it but is no longer enough for them. That is also me at the moment and that is what this is about. What I have: 2010 Chevy Malibu 2 12" fully loaded Fi Q 12s in a sealed enclosure approx. 3 c.f. (built for sealed because of lack of trunk space for ported box) no upgraded alternator (reason: not easily accessible and no one pimps these malibus, so they don't make those componenets and when they do, they're expensive) 2400 Kinetik battery in trunk bigger battery upfront (duralast platinum/gold whichever they said was better, lol) Hifonics Brutus BRZ-2400 0 gauge and big three, but no dimming or anything at the moment setup wired to 1 ohm What I want: to be significantly more powerful but still have great sound quality (on the highway) to still be able to get quality bass also at lower power levels (when crusing through the city) What can I do to get from where I am to where I want to be? 1. will more power to the Q12s make a significant difference? or would the difference in power be miniscule as the subs may be close to peak performance at 2400? 2. Would the BTLs be the way to go to get that BOOM? heard they need a boatload of power to actually make them much different from the Q line **just from what I have read, no personal experience** ANY/ALL advice is appreciated. know how to help me out? please do! Think I'm doing something horribly wrong? tell me! P.S. installed my first system 5 yeas ago and have done 4 since, not a bass expert but know more than the average Joe
  2. Getting a Silverado crew cab

    I've also always built to spec, how will those 10'' Qs like only getting about 1 cu ft after displacement? (these aren't calculated, just assumed as I don't have the truck yet)
  3. Getting a Silverado crew cab

    No room behind seats, it'd be under and I don't think there's much room at all, maybe 2-2.5 tops I'd imagine. And I've never reckoned subs, I'm good with woodworking and home repairs but I'm afraid to mess up the subs. I absolutely LOVE my Fi Q12s
  4. Getting a Silverado crew cab

    Lol. Sorry, basically, I'm wondering how will 4 of the 8 " sundown (sa-8) compare to 2 Fi Q12s
  5. Getting a Silverado crew cab

    Currently I have 2 Fi Q12s fully loaded built with high quality for sealed enclosures. I will be getting 07+ Silverado crew cab. What would have the most "SQL"/SPL? "SQL" comes before SPL. I have thought about 4 sundown sa-8s. Any other suggestions? Still not sure if I will be able to fit the Q12s in the truck. Spending no more than $1000 on speakers. Will be keeping my Brutus brz2400 to push out 2400 watts at 1 ohm
  6. Are my speakers barely breathing? Silverado question too.

    figured as much but also figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. it's built with the high qts. had a few other people say that that shouldnt affect their ability in a ported box. but I dont like to experiment and "see what happens" with expensive equipment lol
  7. Are my speakers barely breathing? Silverado question too.

    how difficult is it to raise the back seat a few inches? Like I said, i dont have the truck yet but this audio situation may (sad to say) be a large factor on whether or not I will be getting one.
  8. Are my speakers barely breathing? Silverado question too.

    first setup was (2) JL w0v2s sealed with 500 watts, then got 2 RE SEX 12s ran on alpine PDX1000, in massive ported box, then used the Brutus BRZ 2400 on them but got about 1200 watts due to the resistance. never blew any subs *knock on wood* used to get crazy light dimming and what not before i added the kinetic battery in the trunk, no dimming now, even at full power. also have never smelled subs burning which is what is supposed to happen while "breaking them in"? does this mean its not even a break in power? or is it because i ever so gradually increased power after installing (was in fear of ruining/blowing the subs)
  9. okay so I have posted on here a time or two before when first acquiring my FI audio speakers. I am driving a 2010 Chevy Malibu two fully loaded 12" Fi Q's, built for a sealed enclosure due to the lack of space to slide a box in the trunk. I have a Brutus BRZ 2400 hooked up to them, running them wired down to 1 ohm resistance. I also have a kinetic 2400 battery, nothing done to battery up front or alternator. 0 gauge knukoncepts ran throughout This is my daily driver and i run the system every time im on the road (on highways for 2.5+ hours a day) the RMS rating for these subs is 1500 apiece if i remember correctly, and from what I have heard, added resistance when turning up the power actually makes the amp pump out less than 2400 watts. the box is roughly 3 cu ft sealed. Here are my questions: 1. with RMS rating at 3,000 watts for the pair, i've always overpowered previous sound systems with no issues which makes me wonder: is the 2400 watt amp just giving me a fraction of the speakers' full potential? i would figure they may take around 5k CLEAN unclipped power, am i missing out without the added power? 2. Always wanted a newer truck, may be making it a reality soon, any way of using these same Q 12s in one the 07-13 generation Chevy Silverado crew cabs? already built for sealed but I dont know how much space there would be. Edit: The subs are already very clean and slam pretty hard to where i get my headliner flexing. You can feel it through your body,
  10. Your order # and when shipped

    Woohoo! The subs sound amazing!!!! Such loud clean, clear bass ! I love my Q 12s! Theyre in my 2010 malibiu
  11. Your order # and when shipped

    Thanks to all who have been posting shipping statuses and ordering dates. We have made this thread the hottest on the Fi forum I believe(: hope everyone is excited for their shipments, whether they are awaiting fulfillment or then their way to their new home!
  12. Your order # and when shipped

    Yeah I never got the initial shipping number when I ordered, just the night they actually shipped
  13. Your order # and when shipped

    Damn, I'm #1189 (2 SP4 15s) and got no such email. Wow that's weird, especially with you two getting the same type of sub o.O
  14. Your order # and when shipped

    I placed my order for 2 fully loaded Fi Q12s Feb 16. Quantity does not matter, it is by the order in which the orders were received. HOWEVER they make their subs in sets according to what subs they are. I'm not sure as to how they go about doing that, but from what I know they don't make Qs and SSDs on the table. Or at least that is my understanding. I'll be sure to post my thoughts on the subs when they come in. GOOD LUCK TO THOSE STILL WAITING!!!
  15. Your order # and when shipped

    Subs are shipped!!!!!!