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    Check Out What UPS Delivered Today!!!

    I heard 2 AA 18's lastnight at a local show. Dude hit a perfect 160.
  2. p_mcnaught

    Forum is broke...

    DC Sound Lab is broke also, this is what I get: IPB WARNING [2] myLSQ_query() [function.myLSQ-query]: Unable to save result set (Line: 555 of /ips_kernel/class_db_myLSQ_client.php) IPS Driver Error There appears to be an error with the database. You can try to refresh the page by clicking here
  3. Steve Meade has 2 of the Fosgate T15K amps in a Escalade he is building. Both are powering 8 FI BTL 18's, 6 Sets of Fosgate 6.5" Components, 2 Sets of Fosgate 5 1/4" Components, and 2 Shallow Mount P3 10's all for the front doors. http://www.*****.com/board/ind...showtopic=10216
  4. music causes booty shakin.. Who's the girl in your sig?
  5. p_mcnaught

    Finals : 153.3db

    Someone should get ahold of johnny knoxville and tell him to stick the garden hose in his ass and play the system at full volume.
  6. What size alternator would I need to run 2 US Amps AX-3200DE, and 2 AX-TU600C Amps? Should I run Dual Alternators?
  7. its the xterminator line (entry level).. the Merlin line and AX line will put out rated if not more. Alright thanks. He said he didnt know which line it was, so I thought I would ask.
  8. Someone told me that one of the usamps line of amplifiers lie about there actual wattage they are putting out. is this true, if so which series of there amplifier is this?
  9. p_mcnaught

    What size Power wire?

    What size power wire does the AX-TU600C accept?
  10. p_mcnaught

    Is this to much power for this sub?

    What about the US Amp MD-3D amp. will that amp be fine to power the 18?
  11. p_mcnaught

    Is this to much power for this sub?

    I have been doing this for a while. Im not like other people that turn there gains and bass boost all the way up just to get all they can out of a speaker. I barely use a bass boost when I do my systems. I always adjust my gains also to match the voltage output. I have learned from experince about maxing out gains and bass boost.
  12. p_mcnaught

    Is this to much power for this sub?

    Yea it gonna be a fully loaded BTL.
  13. p_mcnaught

    Is this to much power for this sub?

    ok there has been 28 views on this and no one has anything to say.
  14. is a US Amps AX-3200DE to much power to run a single 18" Fi BTL?