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  1. DAM

    i love my new xcons

    sorry seen the pic late^^^
  2. DAM

    i love my new xcons

    did you bulid the enclosure?
  3. DAM

    SSA's Evil SS Camaro. 4 Evil 15s and 2 DC 7.5ks

    looks real good.
  4. DAM

    Is my girl preg...?

    this topic is crazy, no way that fast man she ate some bad food or you just gave her the bizzness lol
  5. DAM

    WTB: (( SMD DD-1 ))

    why not order from the man himself
  6. DAM

    usa planet audio saz1000d killer

    btw how do the skar 8s sound?^^^^^
  7. DAM

    XCON 10" D1

    pm me the lowest price. thanks
  8. DAM

    Remember me?

    call it a come back fish!
  9. DAM

    Custom NS v.2 10s

    HOLY SHIET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. DAM

    Just a quick look at some our work

    real nice might need a box for a crew cab soon
  11. DAM

    Outrageous Deal | 4 - 6 pm EST | Tonight! 11-27-2011

    I missed it again so what was it this time?
  12. DAM

    Outrageous Deal | 6-10pm EST | Tonight!

    missed it damn on the west coast
  13. DAM

    XCON & ZCON 2011 Product Photos

    I hope santa will bring me a few 10s :fing34:
  14. DAM

    Silverado by Epicenter Designs

    super nice work