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    IA Recommended Enclosure Sizing

    I e-mailed the info@ account that's displayed on the website. Went ahead and pulled the trigger on the purchase anyway. For anyone in the future who wants enclosure information on the Incriminator Audio I Series--which, at the time of this post is not displayed on their website--this is what the pamphlet that comes with the sub says: I Series 8 Sealed: 0.30 - 0.60 ft3, 0.45 recommended Ported: 0.50 - 1.00 ft3, 0.75 recommended @ 35Hz I Series 10Sealed: 0.60 - 1.00 ft3, 0.80 recommended Ported: 1.00 - 1.8 ft3, 1.40 recommended @ 35Hz I Series 12Sealed: 1.00 1.4 ft3, 1.20 recommended Ported: 1.5 - 2.5 ft3, 2.0 recommended @ 35 Hz
  2. bombsaway

    IA Recommended Enclosure Sizing

    No response via e-mail. What do you guys recommend for the I Series?
  3. Don't have time to get to it until this weekend, but sure, I'll take the photos.
  4. I purchased a used Kicker ZX 750.1 for really cheap that was advertised as working condition but only after the engine is turned on. I figured this problem had to be unique to to the previous owner's car but it isn't. I tested this thing in two vehicles and it turns on with the ignition but only amplifies a signal after the vehicle itself has been turned on. Furthermore, if the car is turned off without completely turning the key it will continue to work as expected. I'm here to see if anybody knows anything about this. If it's a super cheap/easy fix I'm all over it, but more than that I'm just curious as to what's up. Besides this, the amp works exactly as it should. Edit: It's the older model with the red stripes if that means anything.
  5. Unfortunately I have nothing to test with. Nem, are you suggesting that maybe something inside the amp is touching something else?
  6. bombsaway

    Ssa zcons or aa mayhem

    For me it was about 3 weeks to build then another 1.5 shipping.
  7. bombsaway

    Ssa zcons or aa mayhem

    250 watts means practically nothing at that power range. Also, get the lube out cause shipping's gonna hurt.
  8. bombsaway

    wall help

  9. bombsaway

    US Acoustics Sale

    Pulled the trigger on a Barbara Ann. Why are they on sale anyway?
  10. bombsaway

    2013 chrysler 300 Rim Offset

    See what this calculator says. Been accurate and true every time I've used it. http://www.rimsntires.com/specspro.jsp
  11. bombsaway

    Hdc4 too close to the back wall.

    Shit you may have seen me on the road before my car broke. Blue IS300
  12. bombsaway

    Hdc4 too close to the back wall.

    Love my ICON, but shipping to HI was brutal. What up man. Where are you from? I'd love to hear an icon. All those reviews got me very curious From Makaha. In about a month when I get my IS back on the road we can meet up, I'll give you a demo. Pretty sure you'd be sold in an instant. Like I said though, the only thing is shipping here suuuuuucks.
  13. bombsaway

    Hdc4 too close to the back wall.

    Love my ICON, but shipping to HI was brutal.
  14. bombsaway

    A Icon on 400 wrms.

    You would be wasting money buying a used ICON only to throw it in the same box. If you want to sound better you need a better enclosure.
  15. bombsaway

    A Icon on 400 wrms.

    10"? 40hz is kind of high for my taste, but my ICON 12 sounds very nice on 600rms in 2.25ft^3 @ 33ish. edit: better than anything else I've run in this power/enclosure range.
  16. bombsaway

    Kents 08 Lexus ES350 Build

    Those poor back seats.
  17. bombsaway

    EVIL Tahoe | Mark's SSA DEMO MACHINE **new pics p8**

    This looks amazing!
  18. What constitutes old school? Love this guy.
  19. bombsaway

    Just wondering about different mid bass

    Can midranges be done well in the door or is it never worth it?
  20. bombsaway

    Just wondering about different mid bass

    So what's your take on midranges in the doors like you see in stock 3 way systems? Take the Lexus IS system for example.
  21. bombsaway

    Just wondering about different mid bass

    Figures. Thanks for that.
  22. bombsaway

    Just wondering about different mid bass

    ^ I remember reading a post you made about 3 way passives being a bad idea but didn't really explain why. Could you elaborate on that here real quick?
  23. bombsaway

    Looking for a new 12" sub

    What's the formula for calculating this?
  24. bombsaway

    Introductions & brief background

    I don't post a lot, but this is what keeps me lurking here.. Welcome to the party, Nickwin. You came to the right place.
  25. bombsaway

    My DSS Ethos Review

    Oh snap! Just read through most of your build thread. Awesome job!