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    RamenNoodle's Accord Wall Build

    LOL I have a nice 4 pack of ratchet straps ready for when I do bassrace. Hopefully wrapping them through the door opening and over the roof will keep the sunroof somewhat at bay.
  2. RamenNoodles

    RamenNoodle's Accord Wall Build

    I can only hope so
  3. RamenNoodles

    RamenNoodle's Accord Wall Build

    Forgot to add that the Xcons will be 15's
  4. RamenNoodles

    RamenNoodle's Accord Wall Build

    System Specs... Amplifiers (4) Diablo Audio Technologies 2500.1s (1-2)Diablo Audio Technologies 4125 Subwoofers (4) SSA Xcons Mids/Highs Undecided, but most likely AA carbon fiber mids Electrical (4) Stinger SPV70s in rear (1) Optima Red Top in front (1) Iraggi 200A alt, soon to be a 300A DC Power Alt. Big 3 in 1/0 3 runs of positive to the rear All wire is TryStar Cable 1/0 Suspension Function & Form Type 2 coilovers to help support the weight 24mm Rear Sway bar upgraded from stock 14mm to help with body roll Moog end links to support the upgraded sway bar Front Strut Bar Misc All wood will be Birch Second Skin Damplifier Pro Sound deadening to replace areas that have been covered by FatCrap, I mean FatMat Clarion DXZ785USB Clarion EQS746 Maxxsonics Maxxlink Knukonceptz 8 gauge speaker wire Knukonceptz Krystal Kable RCAs Before the wall itself begins, I will need to put in the coilovers in because my rear strut towers are located behind the desired wall location. If I were to wall it off before installing the coilovers, the only alternative would be to remove the rear windshield and go about it that way. This is the current progress so far until the coilovers arrive. Here is the car New Trunk Floor to support the batteries and Amps battery Rack which will go on the smaller back piece of the trunk floor Carrying ropes will be removed prior to installation Thats it for right this second, tomorrow will be working on the dance floor. Thanks guys, It will be a slow ongoing process, but ill be taking my time and not cutting any corners to make a nice end result. Also need to thank my Sponsors, **** and SSA. Without you guys, this build wouldnt be possible. Bill, David, Melissa, Mark and Aaron, everything is much appreciated.
  5. RamenNoodles

    4 Fi 18" Btl Fully Loaded

    Dear lord.
  6. RamenNoodles

    Blueprints for BTL DbDrag Enclosure...

    Its not that bad of a score. No worries.
  7. RamenNoodles

    Team SSA BBQ @ marks house AZ, FRIDAY 4/24

    Is Gary Coleman the gues star!?!?!?
  8. RamenNoodles

    FREE enclosures with subwoofer purchases

    Wonder if a 18" xcon can fit in my trunk. hmm
  9. RamenNoodles

    An old build in a viper from 2003

    Looks awesome for sure man!
  10. RamenNoodles

    FREE enclosures with subwoofer purchases

    Wow, I must say I am very interested in this. Please shoot me an email to ShayneWilson@gmail.com Im interested in a 15" Xcon D1 tuned to 30hz, but with no terminal or speaker wire in the box.
  11. RamenNoodles

    do i need to upgrade

    Do the big 3 and get a new AMG style starting battery and you should be fine.
  12. RamenNoodles

    BL ohms

    ^^^ listen to these folks.
  13. RamenNoodles

    1 10 and a 151?

    Thanks brotha! No sadly I won't be there only because I'm Judging a 1xTNESPL/ 1x DbDrag sponsored by SUNY Morrisville College the same day. Always looking to further our sport/obsession. Did ya hear about the 3x in Sept? The Psychos are going Psycho! 20 entry fee for a 3x as long as we get 50 pre registered! Ya know ya want to be there! No problem man. Had to back you up on that with all of the people doubting you. And where is that 3x at? You know ill have to be there!
  14. RamenNoodles

    1 10 and a 151?

    For all of the disbelievers, Keep on hating. I have personally seem this car do this. Not quite a 151. But it was around 150.5 or so when I last saw her. It was at a US Audio event. We were standing right there when he did it. Crazy score man, and props to you for achieving this! Will you be at the US Audio 2x Event coming this Saturday? (April 18)
  15. RamenNoodles

    Website New look!

    I thought it looked a little different from yesterday lol. Love the new look as well!