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    New box for my RL-i8s

    looks very clean, great job
  2. Biabia


    I know how to work with Fiberglass. Depends on what you want and if you want a custom mold, I don't know if I can help you with that since you're so far away.
  3. Biabia

    Yo Donn

    I don't work for Donn anymore. I wasn't getting paid enough. Either I broke even or spent money actually getting the boxes shipped. It was a waste of time for me. I don't know the entire story with Donn, so i'm in the dark just as much as you guys are. I heard something about him moving out and his current job is taking up too much of his time. When you ask $150 for a box, that really isn't much. I am charging $200+ a box and I still have people asking me to build for them.
  4. Well, I just got off the phone with the attorney's office and toinght i'll be Biabia_Inc.
  5. I am getting an ebay/internet car audio store started up in a week or two, that is, if everything goes according to plan. Anyways, I was thinking. I needed input on this. Would anyone be interested or think its a good idea to do a raffle? I was thinking of anyone that wants to participate would send $2 to me, and I would choose up to 3 winners to be able to buy any product that I carry up to a certain price, maybe like $500, and by winning, you can purchase that item for wholesale price. Give me input please
  6. Biabia

    SSaudio represents on PMR

  7. Pimp My Ride is sheduled to air in October 23rd. Read it on CA.com - SSaudio represent, dawg.
  8. Biabia


    I also just found out that I can buy plexi glass at cost, so I am going to look into making plexi enclosures soon.
  9. Biabia


    chit, i have to think of what I have- uh - five 18v drills (one XLR dewalt $$$) 3 circular drills 2 rotozips 3 jigsaws and a lot of other misc chit - probably around 15k in tools
  10. Biabia


    Well, when I cut my wood, the majority of my wood is a certain length. I just have them cut that length and I finish the rest at home. Makes it easier to carry and handle myself.
  11. Biabia


    Well I haven't talked to Donn about that really yet. Most likely once he gets his routing machine, we'll be doing that a lot more often and selling cheaper.
  12. Biabia


    Hey (again), I work for Gnomeaudio - so if anyone has any questions, i'll be glad to answer them. Check out some of my builds at my cardomain page. http://www.cardomain.com/memberpage/446835
  13. Biabia

    New member

  14. Biabia

    Lol look haha

    http://www-edlab.cs.umass.edu/~ahelblin/misc/mac.html -Alex
  15. Biabia

    New member

    Hey everyone I'm from caraudio.com. Been there for about 5 months or so and I got invited to join from Aaron. See ya around. -Alex