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    FS - 2 amps - 2 subs

    Everything is sold except for the SAX 100.4 amp $200 shipped and it's yours send me an email sc1zzle@yahoo.com
  2. scizzle

    FS - 2 amps - 2 subs

    I have just sold my car and I had to remove my subs and amps. not planning to install them again in my new truck. I have a sundown audio SAZ1500D & SAX100.4D. I also have two 12" SSD's with the upgraded coils. These are from an older install, but have not been beaten to death and are in great shape. i have no idea what these are worth figured it's a great first time setup for someone. I'm assuming around $500ish for all of it. Local pickup will be the easiest obviously Sarasota/Tampa/St. Pete/Bradenton/Venice. But Willing to ship if the price is right (I can get a quote). Willing to sell individually if you want. email me: sc1zzle@yahoo.com
  3. scizzle

    SSD sealed?!

    I have 2 12 ssd's in a sealed enclosure and they sound great. They pound hard hit pretty damn low and can hit the highs as well. You will not be let down with the sealed box. I don't have one friend that's subs hit harder than mine and most of there's are ported. If its not loud enough you can always port your box it's not that difficult.
  4. I have the F90BT pioneer it is awesome. I have a comparable vehicle the escalade and the gm part to keep onstar and door chimes was only $100.
  5. I blew one of my focal tweeters when my amp popped/blew and need to find a replacement. I really like the inverted dome TNB tweeter that came with my 165VR's much smoother and not harsh like all of Focal's other tweeters I am just replacing them I don't want component tweeters I don't want harsh tweets can't handle the piercing highs. What do I get to replace it/them. Going in an Escalade not stock location I believe they will have to be 45mm tweeters I really don't want to redrill. Not too expensive less than 100$ preferably 130$ max. Thanks for your help
  6. scizzle

    2 12w7s for 2005 re XXX 15inch and $100

    you need at least 1500 watts of power split between those subs and would recommend 1000 watts per sub. Those 2 subs are not worth the switch to the one when you have them already. Great subs yes overrated but still you don't have some crappy low end subs spend a little more money and get another amp.
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    No Will try that though.
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    I was driving and i heard a pop and my front speakers went out I know it was the amp not the speakers. The rear speakers still are working which doesn't make sense. I have 2 amps a 1500 sundown running the subs and has no problems and the 100.4 sundown running 2 front speakers and 2 rear speakers. I checked the fuses on the side the three green ones and none of them were blown. Like I said the front speakers just went out and the rear ones still play. I also unplugged and plugged back in the input cables. Any info would be great. Probably a Hardcore Newb question but I don't care I will play dumb to get a better answer.
  9. scizzle

    Biggest difference between 12 SSD and Q

    Thanks, I never really asked that question before. I have 2 ssd's in a sealed box and I like them there great and I wonder if I got 2 Q's in my next vehicle if they would be better in a sealed box. I am liking sealed because my car doesn't fall apart like with a ported box haha.
  10. What is the biggest difference between the 12 inch SSD and the 12 inch Q other than the 200 watts of more power?
  11. I have the 16 gb nano new one got it for 199$ its great. I leave it plugged in to my car stereo and its great. no problems and its nice to just grab it cause it is always charged do to sitting plugged in. I would recommend it cause it is flash no hard drive so neither weather or shaking effects it compared to other mp3 players that have regular hard drives which have given me issues.
  12. scizzle

    So sound Advice and Tweeter are going down

    Yeh it's just a nicer audio store than anywhere else here. Now all thats left is circuit city and best buy. This economy sucks for so many reasons.
  13. Sound advice and Tweeter are going out of business. That sucks No more high end audio places here that sucks.
  14. I need to know if I can replace the stock 8 inch sub from a 2001 lincoln navigator with the polk momo mm2084 I can't find any ohmage info anything would be greatly appreciated.
  15. The face is copper carbon fiber. Got the pioneer f90bt, Focal 165vr, saz 1500d, sax 100.4 and other stuff.
  16. I am completely satisfied with FI. There is a small break in period but even before break in they sound incredible. Now that mine are broken in they sound absolutely amazing. I have had only complements from everyone I know and most of my friends have systems and they like FI from hearing them on my setup.
  17. My friend had really not seen anything from FI and after hearing my system, he wants to get some FI subs LOL new customer hopefully soon.
  18. Nah there just plain old SSD's with copper coils. They sound awesome. For being relatively new to the audio scene they kick ass compared to anything else i've heard. I can't imagine what the bl's or btl's sound like.
  19. BTW I have had no problems at all with the avic F90BT it works great after their firmware update.
  20. scizzle

    I just have to share this

    That might be the dumbest thing I've ever seen lol. He could have gotten a heck of a system at a pawn shop for what he paid for that stuff.
  21. scizzle

    Jacob thanks

    Thanks for the great amps. I finally put the amps I ordered from you in my ride and they work great just wanted to say thanks for a great product.
  22. scizzle

    Xbox Live Screen Names

    I play halo 3 my gamer tage is ironically Sc1zzle that is a one not an i. hit me up if you wanna play.
  23. I couldn't pass it up after getting a quote for 400$ from somebody.
  24. $275 for the box installed built and covered. all inclusive pretty cheap and its leather with carbon fiber insert.