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    good receiver?

    im not positive .. but i need a receiver to hookup my computer to a home theater setup right? what receiver is recommended for under $500 .. cheaper if possible, just want to get something setup, that can be amplified. i am thinking of 2 xti 1000s.
  2. Stephan

    newbie with a plan!

    i have an awesome extra battery if you're needing one. send me a pm welcome to the boards
  3. Stephan

    Wire Run .. Why?

    What's the disadvantages of running your power wire through the firewall? I already have a 4ga run that's keeping me from dropping volts, but want to make the run of 1/0 I have. I will obviously need to drill a bigger hole if I use the previous hole, and I'd prefer that over running under the car, but what are the advantages and disadvantages? The firewall is not as easily accessible as under a rear seat I am guessing.
  4. Stephan

    Verfication of wiring

    Seems to be hard for me to find wiring diagrams for my setup. I have a single DVC 1 ohm sub, and a 2 ohm mono channel amp. Right now it's wired at .5 ohm and the amp or sub is cutting out at around 3/5 way up, not sure if it's the subs or the amp because the protect light does not come on, but it acts as if it goes into protect. I decided to wire to over 2 ohms. This would be wired from amp + to sub + amp - to sub - sub + to - for a 2 ohm load, or a 4 ohm? 2 right? Also, the amp has dual outputs, and i've read that I can wire up further by using both output terminals.
  5. Stephan

    Verfication of wiring

    So basically hook the inputs to both + + and both - - of the amps?
  6. Stephan

    Wire Run .. Why?

    Well amp went up in smoke yesterday. Won't have money for a week or two to get it repaired. This pucking sucks.
  7. move your power wires away from the speaker wires
  8. Stephan

    BKOLFO4= good AA dealer!

    I didn't get AA from him but got my Alt within 3 days of paying. Will be buying from you in the future.
  9. Stephan

    Bad experience with wesley

    Nm im a stoner =]
  10. Stephan

    Verfication of wiring

    What exactly is bridging? Sharing power between channels to add resistance?
  11. Stephan

    Wire Run .. Why?

    Thank you, I did a run under the car, the cable is hidden away and pulled pretty tight, it hangs maybe 1/4th inch off the bottom of the vehicle which is not noticeable at all. I will need to pin it up still, any suggestions on what to use? I went under the car so I didn't have the wire under the carpet showing where the cable is. My 0/1 grounding is done only in the rear, it seems a little more difficult to replace the front grounding because the engines grounding cable isnt long enough for me to reclamp it with another 0guage wire. Is there anything to worry about here?
  12. Stephan

    Wire Run .. Why?

    I am going to see what is easiest, if I need to drill at all, I will just run under the car and make sure there is hang. One reason for running under the car is to keep power wires away from speaker wire. It is also a lot easier to conceal under the car as well, 0/1 and bigger can get pretty hard to hide. Running under the carpet I imagine raises a good portion of the carpet, including around the cable.
  13. no problems here either, i was worried at first, but every where i've read that isolators are just a waste of money
  14. Stephan

    Wire Run .. Why?

    Must just be a personal preference then ... that little white girl is going to get the big black hose shoved in her weather she wants it or not!! lol Ugh... Duran, how do you like the crossfire amps? Have you used them on your mids or highs yet? Ever tried a SD? I am not sure if I want to get a 100.4 or grab another crossfire
  15. Stephan

    SSA Member Survey

    1. How old are you? 23 2. When or how did you first get into car audio? 21 3. Your first Car? 1994 Honda Accord - 2 days before wrecked, no system. First car I paid for is 2004 Denali 4. What was your first system? T1000.1 with 3 Punch P3 15's and infinity kappa comps. 5. Whats you favorite car audio brand? DD, Focal, SSA, SD 6. Who is your hero in the car audio industry? superdbl man! 7. Whats your dream system? 2 21' DD Z's (recones obviously) ran off 4 Atomik 5000.1's or 4 SD 3000.1s, 4 Mechman or EA 250 amp alts, Batcap Extreme, Focal polys. 8. Whats your dream car? bentley gt 9. Whats the best sounding car you have heard? MINE BITCH! lol i don't get to hear many peoples systems. 10. Were do you buy most of your car audio products? online in forums or craigslist 11. What is your day job? software developer 12. Do you build your own boxes? partially, i pick up the wood, and transport it to my buddy down the road who drinks the beer i buy as i stand there and "help". 13. Whats is your most recent audio addition? crossfire 4000d --- getting a carPC tomorrow!!! 14. Whats your favorite brand of cars? GM and BMW 15. SQ or SPL? why? SQ and SPL ... in different applications, SQ with mid pressure for daily, and SPL for comp and making people say holy fudge
  16. Stephan

    SSA Member Survey

    yup thats me. you can see more of me here: http://www.thenoel.org/asianprince/ lol nah jk dude. i AM asian tho. 2million views? damn for a second, i thought... u almost had me. omg i was kinda scared of saying something lol. that is funny tho. and im william hung lol. but yea im asian too. Believe it or not, but I am asian too! Not full though, just barely. I am one quarter Korean, or Quartorean for short! believe it or not, but i am white too! not full though, just barely, i am 1/4 white, or i dont even know what to call it. i had a friend thats half and we call him halfling. but yea i look full asian but if you look just right in the light, my beard, theres a spot thats kinda red. i wanna say that the white is irish i really dont know lol just throwing something out there. haha youre fudgein funny. youre a damn red skin, not irish!!
  17. Stephan

    Wire Run .. Why?

    Must just be a personal preference then ... that little white girl is going to get the big black hose shoved in her weather she wants it or not!! lol
  18. Stephan

    Wire Run .. Why?

    You're the first person to say don't run it under the car lol, so we'll see, I have heard to run it under the car, but I feel exactly as you, and it's exposed to water and heat more so than the 4 feet in just the engine. Thank you for your quick response though brotha!
  19. Stephan

    The "X"con 12" prototype has arrived

    i need now !! icon coils smell yummy but the taste is too spicy!!
  20. Stephan

    Custom SSA ICON 10's

    SSA Icons are great subs, and they are up to par as a SQ sub, but they don't get the excursion you need for real SPL. Icon's don't have enough Xmas for high wattage unless you're happy with bottoming out. I abuse the ICON's I have that are custom and they are holding up very well as long as I don't abuse for long periods, but they aren't invincible. If you're into sound clarity, and still want to be loud grab an ICON, 1000w to each at 2ohms and you'd be a great match and give you quality and power, or if you're into pressure and air movement grab an SPL sub.
  21. Stephan

    Verfication of wiring

    mmMm SSA coils smell yummy!
  22. Stephan

    Best digital volt meter?

    Yeaah thats the one I want, I can't seem to find it though, even after you mentioned Tsunami. I visited their website, no luck there either. The chits nice and sleek, and audio store is throwing me a full carPC for $200! Getting rid of the Pioneer AVH4000DVD tomorrow and grabbing that WinBox =] Edit: found it on ebay and got the model number, now I got some google listings <h1 class="itemTitle">RDS9100 </h1> Thank you!