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  1. On 9/19/2020 at 9:28 PM, Tirefryr said:

    First off, it has a limited bandwidth, much like FM radio.  It cannot deliver full spectrum.  Well, I suppose that's bad wording on my part.  It's not DESIGNED to have full bandwidth.  Also, it is compressed, so there is another issue to deal with.

    Do newer models have a newer version of Bluetooth that has better SQ/bandwidth? I know I have seen some new models that even have wireless car play that works over WiFi from the head unit I’m just curious if the sound quality is better? 

  2. I have an iPhone 11 and using Apple Music and Spotify free Trial and in streaming over Bluetooth HU is an older pioneer probably 4 years old . Non CarPlay . The music doesn’t sound as full to me , am I crazy or is there an actual difference? I hate the thought of having to plug my phone in every time so I haven’t even tried the phone wired.. but when I swap back to music on my usb stick omg sounds so much cleaner.

  3. So I have been playing around with it today. Lpf at 80hz with box facing the back is a little louder but damn I have a rattle that is damn near louder than the bass is Wallop of a sound. Can’t figure out where it’s coming from. Thinking about trying the box firing up now . With the subs and port both firing on the back of the car is just asking for this extra rattle. The back and hatch sky high sound Deading. 

  4. 10 minutes ago, Tirefryr said:

    You can set the filter that high, but if the drivers are rolling off before that, you may never reach that high.

    So if they do roll off before is it going to sound bad or just not benefit from it? Right now the lpf is set at 63hz and would like a little more punch bass that you feel in the chest. Is that possible with the set up? Some people telling me I need to raise the lpf to 80 to 100hz .... the components in the front is high passed @100hz also. 

  5. 3 hours ago, jcarter1885 said:

    LPF is not car dependent. Usually is determined by your sub, enclosure, crossover settings for midbass speakers or personal preference.

    True ... my box has a bandwidth of 24hz to 63hz tuning @32hz but I’m just like damn it’s 10’s could I not benefit from a little higher lpf say 80 to 90hz or would setting that high just be pointless due to my box bandwidth?

  6. 19 hours ago, Tirefryr said:

    So here's what I got.  Sub and vents to rear obviously.  This is decently loud and only receiving 150 watts from an NVX JAD900.5  The sub channel is wired at 4 ohms, but it's damn loud in the car.  No bass boost or anything.  I don't find any need to alter the firing positions here.  I have great response and zero cancellation.  Rattle is minimal, but I'm not exciting much air here either, so you may experience more.




    Looks good is that a L5?

  7. 15 hours ago, Tirefryr said:

    I'll let you know tomorrow.  Installing the box in my nephew's '06.  It will be with the driver and ports rear-facing.  Once I set the enclosure in place, I thought it might be better to do sub up, ports back.  Will find out soon enough.


    Any luck yet man?

  8. Anyone know when we might see a revamp of the punch line? They been on the same run for years now . Would love to see them go back to the 90's style with the spruce paper cones loved that sound and look..would be amazing to see a O.G company get back to roots of the hobby. I'm honestly sick of all these new kids with the same ol cookie cutter everything.  

  9. 5 hours ago, ///M5 said:

    The response will absolutely change in a different box.  Rarely is the OE offering an ideal box.  Even if they did was it for pure output or a flat frequency response, both are near opposite...

    So what would be the gained response with a larger box but with the same tuning? I'm more  formiliar with a sealed box type , where a larger box will bring out more low end but from what I know about a ported box is from what I take is you will suffer below tuning . Will the larger spec box allow the sub to play lower pasted tuning vs a smaller one?

  10. Ok so running two rockford p3 15's 2.5 cubic per sub still within Rockford specs of 1.86 to 3.0 cubes.  Subs are d2 wired on a RF T1500BDCP at 2ohm so subs seeing a few hundred watts over rms should I be ok with subsonic off? Amps filter is 28hz with a 12db slope . A few people said because I went with closer to the large side I should use the filter but I'm not sure I lose a lot of low end with it on . 

  11. So how many people with the power amps or even punch amps use the punch eq ? I see Rockford and even JL audio kinda push this rebranding of bass boost but do people use it? Setting one up this Sunday for my lil brother he said the guy he's getting the power t1500bdcp tomorrow from has the remote that controls the bass boost and used it all the time and said the subs sounded amazing so is it really that bad?