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  1. lol i know. mechanics in north jersey...
  2. believe me i know this is a stupid question but i had an argument with a guy from a mechanics shop and he doesnt believe me: if you have 2 DVC 1 ohm subs wired in series then together to come to a 1 ohm load and run that to a monoblock amp that is rated at 1600 watts rms @ 1 ohm, does that mean each sub gets 800 watts each or do they both get 1600 watts?
  3. i know this is stupid, but can somebody link me to the tape they're talking about. there is a lot that comes up for 3M double-sided tape...
  4. cuz im gonna be putting an isolator between the 2 batteries and i want to be in the know bro. plus im one of those stupid teens who thinks it "looks cool". ah good tip. thanks mate. and i heard from somebody else that epoxy might work as well? whats your view on that stuff? Honestly the red 3m tape is super strong if applied correctly. That's what I've used in tons of install. If it's not a flat surface I would honestly just relocate it to somewhere it is. its a relatively flat surface. and thanks ill use that then
  5. cuz im gonna be putting an isolator between the 2 batteries and i want to be in the know bro. plus im one of those stupid teens who thinks it "looks cool". ah good tip. thanks mate. and i heard from somebody else that epoxy might work as well? whats your view on that stuff?
  6. So i just bought 2 Stinger voltage meters for my XS batteries to keep tabs on the volts and i am hoping to mount them on the side of the dash in my ford ranger. i dont have the tools or skills yet to do a whole fiberglass mold so i will be using a dremel to cut out 2 square holes to flush mount the 2 meters. the system i am getting will be hitting at least 140db so i need to figure out what adhesive (or whatever else i can use) to keep the meters stuck to the inside of the dash panel without having to use fillers. anybody got any advice how to keep these things in place?
  7. huh bad question i guess
  8. in my last decision problems thread i narrowed down which subs i wanted to get. ultimately, everyone steered me in the DSS direction so i ended with 2 12" DSS Ethos subs in a ported enclosure. now since i dont have many of the tools needed to make a proper sub enclosure atm, i will be buying one. i have 2 specific ones i found on ebay that i think might do the trick. they are: http://www.ebay.com/itm/DUAL-12-Inch-CUSTOM-PORTED-CAR-AUDIO-SUB-WOOFER-ENCLOSURE-4-CU-FT-TUNED-32Hz-/400326247663?pt=US_Speaker_Sub_Enclosures&hash=item5d354dc4ef OR http://www.ebay.com/itm/DUAL-12-Inch-CUSTOM-PORTED-CAR-AUDIO-SUB-WOOFER-ENCLOSURE-5-CU-FT-TUNED-34Hz-/400326264513?pt=US_Speaker_Sub_Enclosures&hash=item5d354e06c1 was hoping you pros could direct me to the one that these ethos would sound the best in while still being loud. also if there are any better choices than these ones that are under $250, would love to hear about em. thanks!
  9. sweet. always good to hear. as soon as i get my system up and running, i will definately be postin vids to youtube and doing a thorough review of the subs and the amp
  10. ah ok 2 12's it is. thanks Q
  11. 2 Zcon's will be over my price range but i can dish out enough for 2 Ethos 15's. now unfortunately the buddy that was gonna make my custom box recently got into a little trouble with the cops so i dont see him as being able to make the enclosure in the near future and i dont yet have the equipment or experience to make a custom box of my own so i will have to buy 1. if anyone can direct me to a good ported box with less than 5 cubic feet of airspace that the Ethos's will sound good in and under $200, that would be awesome. thanks! (and for those who are wondering, i am doing the Big 3 upgrade as well as a putting a new 220A alternator under my hood with 3 batteries (an optima yellowtop under the hood and 2 XS D3400's in the back)) Edit: i have also decided to buy the Ethos's as 2 ohm and wire them down to an ohm. they will most likely be powered by a hifonics mt. olympus atlas 3k/6k
  12. if i run 2 Ethos (both 2 ohm dvc) the load would drop down to .5 ohm if i dont buy 2 amps (which i dont want to spend the money to buy 2 seperate ones) and unfortunately i cant find a 3k amp under $500 that can easily take half an ohm. while i dont have budget friendly in mind while drawing up this build, i would like to keep the amp and sub(s) under $1k. and wouldnt a single "15 sub in a 4cbcft 32hz tuned box hit lower than the 2 12s?
  13. well heres the other thing. you really think 1 of these will push as hard as a mayhem or sp4? i will end up doing some small demos to people in my area as i am 1 of the only very few bassheads in my county. the Ethos is rated at 1800 watts while the sp4 is rated at 3000. you really think it can move as much air?
  14. gross not really focusing on a freq range. i just really like my lows i suppose the only reason behind that is because i dont know too much about them and i havent heard/seen many demos of them. im sure theyre good woofers but ive always heard a lot of great things from AA and Fi owners