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Found 7 results

  1. So I'm been on the web looking at different types of 5k amps that are linkable amps, so I can upgrade my current amp set up...I'm looking for a amp out of these new or used- dd m4a, sundown audio 4500, crescendo bc5500, dc audio 5k, ampere audio 5000.1. It has to be able to do around 3800-4000 wire down to 1.3ohms. Running 3-18s DSS ethos box is in the works.... Electrical is dual alts stock will run the truck, mid, and highs the singer 270amp will run only for the battery bank. 4 juice box blackcherry battery back, two runs of 1/0 wielding wire. ( would like more batts if space would allow) ( playing music daily and burbs on comps) I'm not looking for a father and son conversation here just wanting to know which amp would be better suited for my set up that's all thanks for reading.
  2. AudioFiLe

    more decision problems

    in my last decision problems thread i narrowed down which subs i wanted to get. ultimately, everyone steered me in the DSS direction so i ended with 2 12" DSS Ethos subs in a ported enclosure. now since i dont have many of the tools needed to make a proper sub enclosure atm, i will be buying one. i have 2 specific ones i found on ebay that i think might do the trick. they are: http://www.ebay.com/itm/DUAL-12-Inch-CUSTOM-PORTED-CAR-AUDIO-SUB-WOOFER-ENCLOSURE-4-CU-FT-TUNED-32Hz-/400326247663?pt=US_Speaker_Sub_Enclosures&hash=item5d354dc4ef OR http://www.ebay.com/itm/DUAL-12-Inch-CUSTOM-PORTED-CAR-AUDIO-SUB-WOOFER-ENCLOSURE-5-CU-FT-TUNED-34Hz-/400326264513?pt=US_Speaker_Sub_Enclosures&hash=item5d354e06c1 was hoping you pros could direct me to the one that these ethos would sound the best in while still being loud. also if there are any better choices than these ones that are under $250, would love to hear about em. thanks!
  3. YMforshort

    Need a Design Guys

    For Starters it will be going in a 2004 Chevy Tahoe. My demensions i would like to stay in are:30Dx47Wx27H. Box will be for 2 18 inch DSS Ethos powered by a Soundqubed 3500.1 5cft net for each sub tuned to 32 hertz. I wanna do Subs Up Port back and havent decided if i want to go with aeros or a traditional slot port design. Which would be easier for a first time box builder? Included some photos of "my hoe". Thanks in advance for the help guys!!!!
  4. osiris10012

    2006 Nissan Titan

    Hello everyone, I wanted to get a build log going for my recent purchase. Just bought a DSS 15" Ethos (2 Ohm) and will be running it off my PPI BK1800.1 in a 3.32 cu ft net enclosure tuned to 32.13 Hz. Here is a list of my set up so far. Nothing special. 2006 Nissan Titan Audio: Sundown Audio E10V2 (4 Ohm) 1.25 cu ft net enclosure tuned to 36 Hz PPI BK1800.1D Sky High Audio 1/0 and 8 gauge wiring Performance: JBA Longtubes, Secondary cat delete with resonators, 2.5" to 3" borla catback and uprev tuned. Future plans: Upgrade battery to diehard platinum and sound deadening Anyways on to the pics up until now: Picture of the Truck Video of the exhaust set up: First enclosure I built (1 cu ft tuned to 35 Hz): Most recent enclosure I built(1.25 cu ft tuned to 36 Hz) Amp Rack I built for under my passenger side seat(8 gauge speaker wire will be installed as soon as the new woofer shows up) After Big 3 and terminal upgrade(battery will be replace very soon): 1/0 Sky High compared to my factory ground and old 4 gauge Some Amp Pics of my PPI BK1800.1D: Adapter harness my buddy made to retain my factory deck: Small amount of deadening I had: Picture of the new enclosure design for My 15" ethos when it gets here: Thanks for Looking
  5. Crescendo BC2000 (2250rms @1ohm) only used for a total of maybe 2 months play time and never ran below 1 ohm. Mechanical 10/10 Physical 9/10 Amp was bought new and used for 1 month in my 79 dually and used for only a week in my new truck, 375 shipped and insured any where in US. DSS Ethos 15 D2 Sub has only 4 days of play time as of now and getting louder every day. This sub is a monster and is extremely impressive. I would put these up against almost any sub on the market right now. 275 + shipping
  6. Since my truck is still in the works I thought it would be cool to put the subs to good use, since there just collecting dust in my truck. I decided to ask a good buddy of mine to run them at a big Usaci show this weekend. Well the show turned out to be a bust on Saturday and after waiting in line for hours on Saturday, we called it off. He did do a little parking lot pimpin behind the show to help spread the word on the Ethos.he did some demos and showed them off well. Sounds like the Ethos didn't disappoint. He had swapped out some soundqubed hdc4s or whatever there called. Here's what he had to say. "I was givin the opportunity by Steve Mead to test out and break in his DSS Ethos 15s. Powered by a powerbass 5000d. basically in my opinion, The DSS have a smoother response and seemed to play a little lower. I think they would have done slightly better in a smaller box. Would love to be able to possibly test them in a 4th order if given the chance to rebuild. they did seem to warm up slightly quick but that could have been from several things and with short play time im not taking that into account. Overall they seem like they were pretty well built, Took more power than rated and sounded very clean" There are some videos rendering tonight also but for now, a few pics.