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  1. Been awhile buty I'm still around. Pulled the 4 18's out and sold one 7500. Gonne run these 2 X18's on the other 7500 at .5. in a makeshift 6th order. I hate the the idea of flexing the whole truck like other truck before with this box.. So im gonna wall it at the B-Pillar and use the top section and shell it in and make a loading wall. 370amp Mechman Elite and 2 3400's, will add another 3100 for the back.
  2. If you can do center port sealed off firing forward do it
  3. swift

    In search of new Sub, Please help

    If things on here didnt work out between him and SSA thats one thing but from what I saw he did nothing on here but try his best to explain every detail of his subs, kippel results, graphs, etc and was extremely helpful to anyone. More so than anyone else I have seen, he even would help design enclosures for his customers. So this statement in my opinion is very false!
  4. swift

    B2 tahoe

    4 Elites, damn that's serious voltage. 800 amps at idle, damn this will be a demo monster
  5. swift

    wall help

    Shoot for 20cu net with around 300 sq in of port, tune low maybe around 30-32. That way if you up power you can shrink box size and it will at the same time raise tuning some if you decide to shoot for better numbers. Example If you build at 20cu net and tune at 32hz with 300sq in of port, by dropping the internal space to 16cu net it would raise tuning to 36hz without having to change port area. This isn't as easy as interchangeable ports but more affective I believe as you can slowly decrease internal space and find what balance is best for you. But if your builder is good and you don't compete you likely won't change it. If built correctly it sounds like it would be a pretty mean setup
  6. swift

    wall help

    I had 3 SP4's in a flat wall doing 55's at the headrest and 58's in kick. I would try for 3 if you have the money. You don't have room for 3 in a 4th however. I would stick to a flat wall
  7. That did not smoke the sub. Clipping likely did, But ok Also you would not have heard clipping or overpowering problems if you couldn't even hear that you had words coming from your subs. You never even mentioned what size enclosure the subs are in or what its tuned to, hell maybe its sealed. You can keep calling us names but that still wont fix your problems. If you decide you truly want help then you can start trying to give out better information.
  8. I never came at you aggressively. All you just did was make yourself look even dumber. Maybe someone else can make sense of your cluster fuck, because I clearly don't have any knowledge on the subject. Good luck setting your stuff up kid.
  9. If you read you won't miss anything, lol
  10. I'm not a noob, but first...... What is this sub control thingy? Lmao
  11. Sounds to me you need to do alot more research before blowing more equipment. Sounds like you dont have the first clue of whats what. Your likely clipping the shit out of it. You should really just step back and let someone with atleast some experience set it up. I'm really not trying to be an ass but its kinda hard to even understand what you've got going on because your lack of knowledge. What is 5+ ofc going to the amps power and ground? And how do you have that many runs with no big 3, and what kind of inputs are you running to even accept that?? Maybe you mean 5+ foot of wire, idk. Also you wont hear clipping in a trunk setup unless your going to a complete full clipped signal which can smoke the subs very very quickly. LPF or subwoofer control should be at 100hz or less. You likely have a ton of things that need to be done better I'm guessing
  12. swift

    2012 Dodge Ram DC, Singer, Alpine etc

    Awesome build David! Congrats on the finals and nice to meet you!
  13. swift

    Swift's 2012 F250

    Thanks guys