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  1. nadcicle

    6 sp4 18s, 6th order, lots of glass and plexi

    yes its still gonna be a 6th but here in a few weeks when i nut up and spend the $240 on the aeros im gonna need lol Good deal! I know I put off my entire build because I needed the adjustability of Bill Lolo's pyschoports. Now I still have the enclosure, but I sold the subs. Now you really got my interest! lol Keep up the good work.
  2. I think the enclosure you're searching for is a well built parallel 6th ;P
  3. nadcicle

    6 sp4 18s, 6th order, lots of glass and plexi

    Wait, so no more 6th? I was actually quite interested in seeing that pan out. Every time I turn around everyone is building what they call a 4th order lately, there are so few 6th orders that are successful it's eye opening when I see one it peaks my interests.
  4. nadcicle

    What sub is this?

    12" Fi BTL triple stack
  5. nadcicle

    My First And Only Tapout In 23 Years Of Being A Basshead

    This really puts things in to perspective on big builds! On one hand you got 2 heavy hitters Metts and Mick and both have done a mid to high 60 on the mic. Both had room to go here. I heard that Metts hit the park and pound up for the first time and got the second loudest score ever of a 139.1? I believe it was and Mick of course with his 142.1 or whatever it is he got. Both had room to go here as well. These guys are definitely on my bucket lists of people to get demos from.
  6. nadcicle

    SSA Team Sub???

    Friggin newbs, clearly you can't spot a sound quality vehicle when you see one. Sheesh!
  7. nadcicle

    SSA Team Sub???

    These are 1 offs though. Not in production unless someone has changed their minds.
  8. nadcicle

    What is clean Power?

    I've often looked at the THD and thought it meant nothing. There should be an "Audible distortion percentage" rating as well. 3000x1 @ 1ohm = Rated 75% before audible distortion 1500x1 @ 2ohm = Rated 83% before audible distortion 1000x1 @ 4ohm = Rated 92% before audible distortion But what is distortion at any ratings. Is it just noise from overvolted outputs? Could it be a squared off wave? We always argue here that power is power, but what does it mean to you that it makes your power clean vs distorted. For someone that doesn't care about a meter it might mean more to have the cleanest possible sound, but they likely won't need the most power. Would it benefit them to get a much larger amp that distorts much less at a higher ohm load vs a much higher quality amp that distorts about the same at a much lower ohm load?
  9. I second what Jay-cee said. Know reputable company with known good amps since power is power. At that point you can go with price/looks or even look further in to their customer service and see who is the happier customer for making the purchase.
  10. nadcicle

    sq of the judge

    FWIW, I would hardly consider the Judge to be an "SQ" sub at all. The sub was designed to exceed at a peak frequency. If you have the time you could in theory plug the T/S perimeters and see how much better/worse the sub could possibly do vs any well known SQ sub that was designed with frequency bandwidth in mind. Of course, it would take time as you would have to not try and be so subjective and would have to model a sealed, slot ported 4th, and etc. I have a couple wardens that i would hardly consider SQ, but they play the entire frequency bandwidth I need them to from extending lows 25hz up to punching bass around 60hz.
  11. nadcicle

    Team IAK IronMan Explorer

    Tell Smiley to get me 2 Ti baskets as well . Glad you got your subs man.
  12. nadcicle


    They tried to bait-switch on me for an out of stock item. Then when I called they assured me I'd receive my money back withink 24-48 hours which didn't happen. Called back again and told them I was doing a chargeback and I immediately got my money back with them on the phone.
  13. nadcicle

    power issue

    Check your fuse from front to back as well as your grounds. Be best to check the voltage at the amp with a multimeter if you could spare 5 minutes.
  14. nadcicle

    4-18s DSS ethos on 12k

    What is the measured orientation of your organization? Sealed dash, driver door open outlaw, driver door open dash? Depending upon orientation I see your goal being extremely possible. I was simply pointing out your 2 largest set backs that you will have to build around extra well to overcome. Records were made to be broken and I want to see you do it!
  15. nadcicle

    4-18s DSS ethos on 12k

    Good luck with your goal! That has definitely got me interested.