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  1. DEE151

    NVX brand

    thanks for the info, but this 51/4, 61/2, 63/4, i dont under stand what this means, my car holds 4 6x9 and 1 set of 3.5 in my dash.
  2. DEE151

    NVX brand

    ok well lets start over, cause you guys know your shit, i have SQ HD3 10 sub and the sq1200 amp, there is the bass and power, i listen to rap and hip hop, so i want to here every intermenstrual and voice and clarity as much as possible, thats what im looking for in my 6x9. so i hope these have what im looking for in 6x9, if not any other good brand? that can offer me that? i dont know much about this stuff.
  3. DEE151

    NVX brand

    found over 15 reviews on these on sonic electronix, and they were all rated a 5 star. looking for members feedback on these. i did have my eyes on JBL gto series, but NVX looks worth trying.
  4. DEE151

    Site updated

    I still cant get it to load on my pc I just tried it and it works good for me still..
  5. DEE151

    Site updated

    Definitely running much faster..
  6. DEE151

    Noob With a couple X-10's

    sup dude, and welcome...
  7. DEE151

    Site updated

    If you are on a computer you can go to the bottom of the page and there is a place you can click on to get back on the forum. thanks, i just notice that after i red your post..
  8. DEE151

    Site updated

    just want to let you know with the new updated on the site, it takes forever to load up and drags wen you want to scroll down the page, also would be nice to put back the Forum button on the main site so it will take us here..
  9. DEE151

    American Bully Pups

    so i just pick one up from my boss, bought it from him and they will be able to go on the July 31 of this month, she is a girl i pick the pup with the less white on her chest, she is grey with blue eyes.. she she comes with Papers.. i got a great deal on this dog, as well... Any one got any of these dogs? fill free to let me know. I name my pup, Rogue.. cause i am a big Marvel Fan,
  10. DEE151

    How did you guys find SSA???

    I found it wen I found the SSA store one day wen I was googling for car stereo stuff, I wanted to buy stuff car stereo stuff but not main stream brands, that every one has already. There are plenty of name brands that you guys carry on your site that are stronger then mainstream brands...
  11. DEE151

    SQ first time order on SSA

    so what happen now? why dont you have SQ any more?
  12. DEE151

    SQ first time order on SSA

    Got my sub and amp wiring kit today. Just got off work and saw 2 boxes laying down on my bed and also got the free promo order that comes with it. Thanks SSA.... Now just waiting on my amp... they are on back order I do believe..... this 10inch is a monster...
  13. DEE151

    Valued & VIP Store Customer user groups

    Bump...... for the admin, ^^^^^
  14. DEE151

    SQ first time order on SSA

    SWEET, i like what i'm hearing
  15. DEE151

    SQ first time order on SSA

    comp set? is that the lil 1'' tweeters with 6.5?