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  1. would the dc level 4 still sound good in a sealed box ?
  2. k
  3. just need the right battiers for the engine and trunk
  4. yes i am sure
  5. ill be getting a dc level for and other the cresendo 1500 or sondow scv 1500
  6. just orders 1 15inch dc level and wondering what battery i should get for the engine and the trunk ?
  7. thanks alot
  8. and i dont care about my familiys subs or hookups i did before but i dont give a shit anymore i just want it to be good for me
  9. k whatever man opinions do mean alot actually so what would u choose tell me
  10. i asked a question its not in my budget
  11. my bro wants to know any opinion will help
  12. awsome man thanks alot
  13. okay thanks alot man
  14. so still the sundown sae 1500d would be fine it wouldnt be underpowering it ?
  15. not for a amp i mean for everything like the box amp sub batterys amp kit electrical box all that shit so i should just run straight 1750 rms to the sub ?