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    Fi BL 12v3 Enclosure help

    First post here at SSA. Looking for some help, I need to build an enclosure for my new sub and am looking for some help on a design. I can give up 34.5w X 20d X 15.5 OD max. I'm looking to get tuned to 32hz @ 2.5 cubes. I am going to be starting this build in the morning any help is greatly appreciated. I can't wait to hear this thing come to life. Just looking to get some help so I can visualize what I'm building. I will mess around with some numbers on Torres and try to post them up. It will be going in a Toyota Corolla and running off a crescendo s1500.1 so 1500w. Mostly hip hop music is what I listen to. Also, I work out of my car and have to use my trunk so I have to have my sub facing forward (into the car) to prevent the sub getting damaged. My current port is side firing but I would like to have this one facing forward. I'm open to any recommendations.
  2. CandyGang916

    Fi BL 12v3 Enclosure help

    http://s1168.photobucket.com/user/mlentz2728/media/New Sub Box Build/1502C54D-1430-432C-96AD-2587333474F4_zps0j6ppr9d.jpg.html http://s1168.photobucket.com/user/mlentz2728/media/New Sub Box Build/C225295B-0A21-4189-A8D9-DF2F8E9FE926_zpsyth7s28r.jpg.html