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  1. Worst part is over until my northstar 220 shows up. It was already done in 1/0 but pulled it all for some basshead 2/0. 2 runs to the back. Still no bass till the new battery. Killed both of my crap ones. Ones resting voltage was 8.3 and the other was 10.420170325_183118.thumb.jpg.999d3880f7752251b57a3ddaa701c934.jpg

  2. Im about to start running some new 2/0. I need to break down and buy one of the spl meters. Saves a hell of a lot of time running down from running to my buddies shop to put it on the term lab. Ill be going in a week or so to see what numbers ive got after the electrical upgrades and go from there


  3. For now im still running the slot box. Doing alot of research. Just watched exo's aero port box build on youtube so i think im gonna sit down tomorrow and do the math on where it would put my box dimensions and port lenghts for tuning to see if i can pull it off with the space i have. The box now is my entire hatch area. No room to go bigger but being more effective i should be able to go down a cube so mabey....

  4. Thats the goal. I guess im just going to have to play around and build one. Im trying to get it to where i can leave ports in for around 32hz for daily and swap out for say 38hz for the local competitions. Its pretty much a new build. I need to get back on the term lab and see where its at after all the electrical upgrades. Plus i plan on glassing the roof because i know im losing alot there. Full tilt the roof is pretty much mush. Theres no bracing in the jeeps from the factory. At least xj's. Mabey three cross bars but im pretty sure theve broke loose.

  5. Yea thats about four hours from me. Been there a bunch of times for work the last couple years. They do any shows in southern ohio? I dont do facebook anymore. It used to have show dates but caused too much drama with the old lady

  6. Leavittsburg. Its trumbull county. Middle of nowhere lol. Its about an hr from cleveland and about 40 min from youngstown. I guess technically warren. The burg is warren township.

  7. No havnt had a chance yet to get back on the meter. I was supposed to last saturday but ended up having to work. Its nice to get the overtime because it lets me be able to buy more toys. Still need front door speakers and i think i might pick up 4 of the evil 6.5s. I always check reviews or look for dyno runs now before i buy anything. Its not like the old days when kicker ruled the world. I lost respect for them as soon as i saw walmart selling kicker. Theres alot of upcoming friends builds as well. My buddys 2 ascendant team 18s are just sitting waiting for a box. He didnt want to do a wall. Sad. One next to my sundown. Took him 3 months after the first sub to get the second.


  8. Yea thats what always kept me away from it. Ive sat in a few sq cars and dont get me wrong. Absolutely amazing.  Ive had good sounding setups over the years but nothing that nature. The problem is i never really had a vehicle to dedicate to one and probably never will. I work too much to get as serious as id like to. Just brutality in a daily is all i need. And theres only a handful of competitions here in ohio that i know of. Altho me and a couple of my buddies are tossing around the idea of starting up our own. We all help out each other and will continue to down the road.

  9. Thanks to everyone for the ideas. Im old. Back in the day when i went to comps people were just running flat walls. I had a set of old round kicker solobaric 15's on a kicker xs 100. In a sealed box. Ported boxes werent as prevelant. Im digging the aero idea tho. So i think ill give it a shot. If i can get mid 145s out of 1 18 ill be happy. Im not mad about the 143. Considering the 35.1 does 3600 watts. And i wasnt seeing near that the way the voltage was. But ive since put in a mechman 240 and got a 50 foot spool of 2/0 to put in with dual imputs for the amp but i dont imagine a huge gain. Should be something tho.

  10. No im pretty sure its just a stock zv4. I traded some jl 12w6's off i had laying around for it cuz the kid didnt have the space for the box it needs. I talked to sundown about what box size i should run in the beginning. It sounds good how it is and destroys the lows but now im hooked on competing lol

  11. I played around with the calculator everyone suggested in other threads but it didnt make much sense to me. I got from making the box 7 cubes that to get one 8" aero was almost 11 inches long to tune to 35. I hit my 143 at 36 so mabey i should aim for 38 to burp and slap change it back to 32 for daily? Its really just trial and error but id like to be sure im heading in the right direction before i start another box.

  12. Hello. New to the forum and wondering to get some opinions on building an aero port box for my sundown zv4 18. I have no experience with them. Like how many to use what diameter to use. Or how i get sq inches for port value. Its on a synergy 35.1 tuned to 32hz. I got a 143.7 last summer with no tuning and crap electrical but ive since tuned and electrical is up to par. I know its got more in it but id love to try an aero with ports i can just swap to daily and to get on the meter. Also because my box now is just massive. About 7 cubes net and built in 3 days