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  1. I just thought to myself today I've gotta get one up. Been working killer hours. Got another battery I need to order. More wire... Another alt in my garage so i can run dual's .And a second sub. It's been in the teens to the mid 40s for a couple months. I'm off this weekend so I may get one finally before the rebuild. 

  2. Hello all. I can't remember for the life of me but does a coil impedance tend to rise slightly or fall slightly after a sub has broken in. Planning my second sub soon and the first was supposed to be dual 1. Showed up with one at 1.4 and one at 1.6 brand new. Last i checked one was a 1.8 and the other a 2 Kinda confused me as I had ordered a dual 1. Dc offers a dual 1.4 and I wonder if they hadn't sent me the wrong load to begin with. 

  3. That's how I was planning to use my buddy's as my second on the jeep from his durango. Only reason I havnt messed with it yet is not sure if the stock wiring can handle both at once. Or if I need to regulate one just for the system with one of the transpo boxes. I don't use ac, so all I need to do is fab up a bracket to mount the second where the a.c. pump is and run a smaller belt.