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  1. Juslivin

    If your bored

    Throw a vote up for my friends taco shop. Go to http://www2.richmond.com/special_section/besties/ Go down to the poll and vote for Nates Taco Truck Stop Thanks
  2. Juslivin

    New vid

    Nah he had ear plugs in.
  3. Juslivin

    New vid

    Hey guys, its been awhile since i've been on here but i still have my subs and they are still working 100%. With work and school i have been pretty busy lately but i managed to shoot a quick vid. Check it out. I'm gunna try to be more active here but like i said im pretty busy. And for those who are new/don't remember me here is the set up, DC Sound lab XL 18's Sundown 3kD Batcap 2000 Knu wiring Pioneer up front Yellow top under the hood
  4. Juslivin

    Sundown Audio T-Shirts

    Payment sent.
  5. Juslivin

    Chevy Avalanche build log

    Damn... thats sick.
  6. Juslivin

    New vid

    Haven't been around in awhile just though i would throw my new vid up and let yall check it out. Its the same system but i got a yellow top up front now. Im getting a HD video camera for christmas so ill have better ones up soon. Systems in the sig.
  7. Juslivin

    Tahoe Rebuild 10kw

    Knu wiring ftw.
  8. Juslivin

    where can i order dc sound lab?

    rusty@dcsoundlab.com will be better than pming.
  9. Juslivin

    TEXAS MEET 2222222

    Ill be in dallas on the weekend of october 2nd - 4th.
  10. Juslivin

    how much are the dc level 4 xl 18s?

    You need to look on the Contact/Dealer page for your state and order through them. If your state doesn't have one contact rusty (rusty 'at' dcsoundlab.com)
  11. Juslivin

    Microsoft Sync!

    No sync, and the Scosche LOC.
  12. Juslivin

    Microsoft Sync!

    Not sure on the subwoofers being turned down by the stock HU but my GF runs a LOC in her explorer so she could keep the 6 disc changer and theres no problems at all. Subs sound fine.
  13. Juslivin

    Two battery wireing

    Search features there for a reason.
  14. Based on this post im gunna say you don't need the BTL.