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  1. Hell-Razor

    2 12s, low tuning, which way to fire?

    I thought so. I just know there are some nono ways unless its burp... etc. I figure I would at least try and see what people think before actually doing it. I was also thinking about ports and I dont think I was very clear on that end - Say I tuned a 8 and a 6 to the same frequency, would I notice better output to a point with the 8?
  2. Vehicle : 2003 VW Passat Location in the vehicle: Trunk Space available (Length x Width x Height): w1- 39, w2-42, h1-15.5, h2-19.5, d-25 Subwoofer make and model: Custom, similiar to the Sundown X but more motor force, excursion and lower fs Subwoofer Size:12 Number of Subwoofers:2 Type of Port (Kerfed, Slot, Aero, etc.): Up for suggestions but thinking about aero to save space What type of music do you like?: Chopped and screwed, decafs low stuff (about 18-35hz) Is your goal SPL or Everyday Music?: Everyday Tuning Freq (Hz): To be determined - probably around 26 Volume : 5-7 cubes depending on tuning, port and bracing. Questions: I want to first start out saying I blew my amp and I am in the market for a new one. I am thinking about getting a dc 7.5k, taramp 8k or maybe a banda amp but I hear they have a ssf set at 30hz. I ran a Soundigital amp for about 3 years and loved it but I made a mistake and blew it (it was my fault, not the amps). I dont need to get an amp this big but to play as low as I want, I may have to. My first real question is firing for the sub. I have done all sorts of sub firing positions and I like into the cab the best. I tried a dc lvl 5 x1 m1 on a 4500 facing the trunk, even with two layers of second skin, it sounded like i was rattling a fair amount. I turned the box around and I think it sounded much better and louder. I have also sealed off and fired both sub and port into the car (2 xl m2 12s). Now it was loud, I just dont feel like it was getting the lows like I want. I believe for that box I was tuned to 35 then swapped out the port from a 8" to a 6" for 30. I think it was better but still not where it could be. I have also tried not sealing off but firing forward and honestly I havent noticed a difference. I have tuned my 12s box from 36 to 25, I think right about 26 was the best. I currently have a custom 15 in there tuned to 27 and I think its more brutal as well as louder than my 2 12s tuned to 26. I was rolling around the idea of doing subs forward, port drivers side. I know that makes you meter higher (dont care about that) but the passenger side of my trunk is weird and it has a much sharper \ angle than the drivers side does. I was thinking about porting with a 8" aero, but I am not sure how much room I would want to leave between the port and the drivers side "wall" of the trunk {I was aiming for 8 inches when I was thinking about designing a box).
  3. Hell-Razor

    1 15" in trunk design

    Im more looking for suggestions on which way to fire at the moment. For my 8" aero comment - for a box around 3.5 cubes, it would need to be almost 30 inches long and thats insane.
  4. Hell-Razor

    1 15" in trunk design

    Hey fellas, After being away for a while from the car audio scene, a friends prototype actually grabbed my attention and I decided to get one. The only downside to this is it is super long (around 17 inches). If any of you guys remember CoDrive, then you know pretty much about this sub. For those of you who do not, it is a double motor, double vc design for one sub. It uses 10" spiders, custom machined sundown motors for 8 layer flat wound 3" voicecoils. This beast will have a good amount of excursion and kill the lows. With that said, it will weigh in at about 100lbs (doh). I was looking at designs, messing around with some myself, playing with bbp (that thing doesn't like dual vc woofers much), talking to people on facebook and whatnot. I think I have come to the conclusion of firing forward with the sub on passengers side, port 90 degrees halfway back on the box to drivers side. now a 6" aero is a hair too small at like 9.8 in per cuft and a 8" is too big so I may think of trying to find some well piping 7" and make my own. What do you guys think? My trunk dimensions are 40w, 21"d and 18.5h at front and 17.25h at the rear. EDIT: Forgot to add what I want out of this sub.. I just want the lows. I had 2 15s in (probably) too small of a box and was doing 52s. I would like to tune around 30, no higher than 35. I will be using my soundigital 8000.1 as well seeing as the rms on this sub will be about 7k.
  5. Hell-Razor

    Port Vs Power

    I have talked with rob and rusty from dc on everything to do with my upcoming design for summer 2012. I am going to go with 2 xl 12s on two SAZ-3500Ds, backed up with juicebox batteries and a 220amp excessive amperage alt. The box will be a little smaller than recommended seeing as DCs love smaller boxes when they are overpowered. Now my question for everybody that I cant seem to get a hold of is port area, would I be better off giving it a little more (Kerf port btw) space (say 18-20sqin per cuft) or the "normal" range of 15-18sqiin per cuft? My goal is to get decent numbers in the low 30s. I do not have the depth either for aeroports. A 5" aero though would be 21 sqin per cuft which I think would be too big, and a 4" aero would be 14.5, which is too small. I have been running my designs through bbp and using torres calculator to back up my designs. It seems the smaller ports are louder but more peaky than the larger ones. The larger ports seem to be able to play lower and more effecient but not as loud. And yes I do understand this is just a model and the cars frequency will change it, I will test and build and test and build some more but I want to see if I have a good handle on this before I start pumping out miltiple boxes on a termlab. Anybody have suggestions as well on replacing boxes? I think im going to use just different size / length ports on different faceplates. I think I will try 3.25, 3, 2.75 and 2.5 inches wide and see what plays louder at lower hz. I will be sealing off the trunk from the cab and firing both subs and port into the cab.
  6. Hell-Razor

    6 8" woofers

    There is a deal going on on the SA-e8s today I saw. Are these the infimous "badass" 8s sa makes or are these a different style? Please respond asap, I have the cash now if they are! http://www.soundsolutionsaudio.com/store/products/Sundown-Audio-E8v2.html
  7. Hell-Razor

    6 8" woofers

    in order to fire the port and woofers forward, my calculators show that 6 8s would be the most cone area possible. =(
  8. Hell-Razor

    6 8" woofers

    39"w, 18.5h, 17"d Couldn't you fit 3 12s, have more cone area then 6 8" drivers, and spend less money? that box, not including any displacement would be about 7 cubes. I have not looked into the 12s option. I would like to fire forward and have not looked into any 12 options that would handle ~ 1k a pop. I dont think I would have enough room for port and woofer firing forward.
  9. Hell-Razor


  10. Hell-Razor

    6 8" woofers

    Very nice. I just hope they have enough for me when time comes. The only thing that scares me is they are 6 ohm....
  11. Hell-Razor

    This Ship Has Sailed!

    Hell yeah. I may be placing my order for 6, or 5 soon!
  12. Hell-Razor

    6 8" woofers

    39"w, 18.5h, 17"d
  13. Hell-Razor

    6 8" woofers

    Yes sadly. A few things to be honest 1) I somehow hit "loud" on my cd player without realizing it. No idea how long its been like that so I was clipping 2) The box was too big 3) I lowered the SSF and decided to play chopped and screwed stuff hitting at 24-28hz. I know I talked to you Denim about this earlier. The only 8s I can find from soundsplinter are running at 200$ a pop Yeah I do have space restrictions. Instead of going for pure power (lvl 5 15) and calling it a day, I think I want cone area instead of power this time around. I would like to try and keep this as cheap as possible without getting like 20$ woofers from best buy or something lol.
  14. Hell-Razor

    6 8" woofers

    Lets open this topic up a little bit more, how about any 8s across the market? I talked with denim and he recommended the Orphan 8s.
  15. Hell-Razor

    6 8" woofers

    After rocking a DC lvl 5 15" now for about three years or so it has finally gone on me. I blew the voice coil the other day and well its time to move on... I know I can recone it and probably will do that and sell it, its time for something different. I am thinking about 6 8" subwoofers for about 300 square inches of cone area. Seeing as I am limited on trunk space, the box will equal about 4.3 cubic feet and that will give me enough room for my amp and bats. With the lvl 5 on full bore, I was staying in the mid to lower 14v so I figure I am good on electrical for now. I will be pushing these 8s with a SAZ-3500D and probably wire the subs to .66. If I do that I will have at least one more battery put in the trunk. My idea is for the woofers to fire into the cab, a 8" flared port 18.5 inches long will give me a tuning of about 36hz and seal it off from the trunk. This isnt going to be a spl box but more of a ground pounding box. My issue is I am unsure about what brand to go. DC has always been good to me, but I hear the SA-8s are brutal in themselves. What do you guys think?