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  1. Hansk

    some good flex

  2. ill give it a try and see what happens... you can get relays at autozone right... i think ive seen then there before
  3. ya i know what it does .... ive just never hooked one up before....
  4. alright ill take a look at it.. i've just never installed a relay before...
  5. I know u can do it like that but the whole thing is if it needs a relay then why did it work before.... So I don't think this models needs a relay to do this
  6. its basically fooling the HU to think that the toggle switch is the E-brake- but i have been told when hooking up toggle switches that you have to ground it as well as the power source just like anything with electrical..
  7. I tried 2 different grounds... And nothing... I think I'm going to pick up a new toggle switch tomorrow and try that
  8. nobody else .... im just baffled by why it wont work...
  9. i un plugged the HU when the car was off
  10. im hooking it up the same way i had it 3 weeks ago and now it wont work.. its a different toggle switch but the same pos and neg hook up... u think that could have something to do with it..???
  11. i did it like that... it would just play music and no video.....
  12. im running a pioneer AVP3100 dvd and my question is im trying to hook up a toggle switch to the picture wire the from the HU ( supposed to be hooked up to the E brake) so i can see dvds while trying on trips and i hooked it up to toggle switch+ and ground the other side to chassis but it wont work... and it worked when it was in my other car 3 weeks ago. its not the same toggle switch that i had before. its a little smaller but still the regular old easy toggle switchon/off switch , + / - wire leads)... anybody know why it wouldnt work?? could it be the toggle switch?? or would anybody else know how to wire that up so it will play dvds? thatnks in advance
  13. Hansk

    Stetsom Representive

    welcome to this awesome forum.. recently been interested in stetsom amps
  14. ok, so i live in Atlanta and there are barely any events in my state. Don't know why(if anybody does let me know). but i'm wondering if anyone on this forum from Atlanta knows where i can take my car get get it metered on a TL or if anybody knows where i could go? thanks in advanced. i wanna know what kinda numbers my system does and i have thought about starting to compete.