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  1. wof131s

    6.5" Coaxial speaker (2 or 3 way)

    Yes they said inside the door
  2. wof131s

    6.5" Coaxial speaker (2 or 3 way)

    I've heard in a few forums that some guys put a light stuffing of poly fill in their door panels, for what reason i don't know. Can anyone explain if this helps or hurt the speaker's performance. Thanks
  3. wof131s

    Incriminator Audio Enclosure Spec

    Will do, thanks again.
  4. Anyone know where i can get the enclosure specs for the new Li abd I series drivers? I looked on their site but found nothing. Thanks
  5. wof131s

    6.5" Coaxial speaker (2 or 3 way)

    Thanks for all the info, it is greatly appreciated.
  6. wof131s

    6.5" Coaxial speaker (2 or 3 way)

    Thank you for the reply. I have placed 1/4" MDF baffles behind each speaker but as far as deadening, to what extent should I add deadener to get better sound from my current speakers? Should I also seal all the holes in the door panel?
  7. Am trying to find a good set of coaxial speaker for my truck. I replaced my factory speakers with ome kicker DS6.5s and they sounded better than the factory but am looking for a lil more sound. Am looking to spend around $80-100 a pair. I just want to replace not to install pods, etc. I will be running them off of my pioneer head unit (50 watts per channel). I would like a lil bass from my door speakers because it is lacking big time currently. Any suggestions on a nice pair? Thanks
  8. Found it, do i just repost or is there a way to transfer the post?
  9. 1. Product: TC-7(Eclipse) sub (Reconed) with Basket 2. Specs: N/A 3. Description/Condition: Blown 4. Price: $95.00 Shipped 6. Pictures: See Attachments
  10. 1. Product: USP12-490MR High Rate Max Battery 2. Specs: See Link Below: http://www.dcbattery.com/dynasty-mr.pdf 3. Description/Condition: Item is in great condition and has only been used in one application for about a month and has been sitting in my garage for the last year and a half. 4. Price: : $200 Shipped 5. Pictures: See attachments
  11. wof131s

    Which Driver For My Application

    Ok, a friend of mines wants to get rid of a pair of Image Dynamics IDQ12 V.4 D4 for $400.00. How do these subs compare to the GCONs. I've read that the ID does very well in sealed applications and that's what am going for. Anyone with first hand experience with these subs? Thanks
  12. wof131s

    Which Driver For My Application

    How do u think they will perform in a 2.1 cu.ft enclosure off a sundown 1200?
  13. wof131s

    Which Driver For My Application

    Thanks for the info, Ill just be putting them in a 2.1 cb.ft enclosure with some polyfill. Am hoping that it wouldn't be too "top heavy" and will be able to hit the low notes.