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  1. Kent535

    Kents 08 Lexus ES350 Build

    Back to the updates on the build: Bought a tablet to use as an in-dash audio control but ended up changing my mind and going with a 1st Gen Ipad More Goodies Port done and coated with resin Test fit Router jig really helped out alot with the holes 3 inch thick baffle
  2. Kent535

    Kents 08 Lexus ES350 Build

    Here are some vids of my last box i forgot to post. View My Video View My Video
  3. Kent535

    Kents 08 Lexus ES350 Build

    Went to a show this past weekend. heres some pics i took.
  4. Kent535

    Kents 08 Lexus ES350 Build

    Update since last post: Filled in all the spaces and gaps with poly-fill and foam matting, sealed with aluminum tape, finished the support/false floor, started the enclosure, and built an enclosure for my mids and highs. Also got my american bass 350.4 amp which is going to need a hospital visit(in pics).
  5. Kent535

    Kents 08 Lexus ES350 Build

    Update: Got started on the base/Support and am in the process of sound proofing the underside to cut down on as much road noise as i can on a budget. Also got some more goodies in the mail. Still waiting on my American Bass 350.4 however
  6. Kent535

    Kents 08 Lexus ES350 Build

    Its a "Sawstop" Professional series. The program was off of http://www.decibelcar.com/apps/108-slotcalc.html
  7. Kent535

    Kents 08 Lexus ES350 Build

    Dont know if i calculated this correctly. Using multiple subs and a bigger enclosure is making everything hard to calculate. This is everything i plugged into the calculater. Trying to stick to around 20 sq inches per Cubic feet so in total i would have 160sq inches for 12 subs in a 9 cubic feet box. Port is 28 tall, 6 inches wide, and 35 inches long for a 32 hz tuning. At least that is what the calculator tells me. Any input? sound about right?
  8. Kent535

    Kents 08 Lexus ES350 Build

    Bought some new toys to make the whole process easier! New table saw, router, and Jasper tool for making perfect circles(Not shown)
  9. Kent535

    Kents 08 Lexus ES350 Build

    The calm before the storm. You know your a basshead when.....
  10. Kent535

    Kents 08 Lexus ES350 Build

    3/4 inch birch for the false floor/foundation
  11. Kent535

    Kents 08 Lexus ES350 Build

    Old box is out and getting ready for the wall build
  12. Kent535

    Kents 08 Lexus ES350 Build

    About to order my mids and highs and am planning on running a 5K High pass filter crossover with them. The website specifies that they can handle 250 watts RMS and are rated at 8ohm. I am planning on getting 4 selenium 8ohm tweeters and running them in parallel to have a final ohm load of 2. My question is, do i only need 1 crossover which would be wired right at the exit of the amplifier channel before it goes into the 4 selenium tweeters or do i need to wire a 5K high pass crossover to EACH tweeter and THEN wire them in parallel? Hope that made sense.
  13. Kent535

    Kents 08 Lexus ES350 Build

    yessirr! so eager to get the funding for the other 2 3500's, then i can start on the extension of the amp rack to accommodate my mids and highs amp