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    Any Way To Check Warrenty?

    Alright because if i didnt have that much warrenty/none at all iwas going to run my amp at .5 ohm. Would .5 ohms and 2 ohms be THAT noticable for the risk?
  2. Kent535

    Sundown Audio T-Shirts

    Just got mine an our ago ! Its great fits perfectly and love it !!
  3. Kent535

    Kent's 1987 Mustang Build

    2nd Baffle Cut out. 1 port left Everything cut out Upclose of double baffle Time To glue the flush baffle on ! Used some silicon for the inside Test fitting the BTL in the flush baffle Poor things covered in sawdust ! Getting ready to start painting Working on the port Inside the Port Kinda liked the "dripping" effect in the port and couldnt decide Whether or not to leave it. Finished the sides and the rest And decited to cover the "drip effect white" Sexy SAZ showing off for the camera Finished Box Getting ready to put her in the car (What a HUGE box ) Was hard to fit in the car but finally got it in
  4. Kent535

    IA Downfall Shirt

    Payment Sent !
  5. Kent535

    Sundown Audio T-Shirts

    Payment Sent
  6. Kent535

    Happy Birth Day to Jacob

    Happy Birthday Man !
  7. Kent535

    Kent's 1987 Mustang Build

    Got the box put together and all the pieces on except the flush mount baffle. Ordered The 2nd BTL today so tomorrow ill Caulk the Inside of the box Then start to apply the "Finish" stage to it, Heres Some pics... On its Side My bro taking some measurements Measurements taken Glueing it together Some Bracing Bracing On The Port Subwoofer Throne Made For A King !! (looks Like A Throne) How Its Going to be standing up in my car Test Fitting And Waiting on the 2nd BTL Good Clearence
  8. Kent535

    Kent's 1987 Mustang Build

  9. About to build a box for 2 15"s FI BTL's that will be going into a 87 Mustang. Each btl needs 3-5 ft^3 and is .21 displacement. This is my first Wall / Semi wall build so i just wanted you guys to look over it and tell me what you think.
  10. Kent535

    Kent's 1987 Mustang Build

    Thinking about making some cutouts for 3 Dayton 5" midranges and 3 Dayton 1 1/8 Tweeters above the BTLs towards the top of the box. What do you guys think?
  11. Kent535

    Free Sundown

    Interested in selling it ?
  12. Kent535

    Kent's 1987 Mustang Build

    Got around to cutting all the pieces out and test fitting them to make sure it fit through my door before i glued it together. Pics of todays progress.. All the pieces for the box. What i have left. 2 full sheets. And still havnt doubled the baffle or +1 baffle for flush mount subs Getting her started. About to get in the screws. Extra Secure Up Close Test Fitting The Port Pulling out the Car. Started pulling out the Remaining interior and some trim that had to come out to get the box in How it looks with one seat in Front view
  13. Kent535

    Kent's 1987 Mustang Build

    Its a 74 Small Block 400.Heres some pics that you guys were requesting.
  14. Kent535

    Kent's 1987 Mustang Build

    Heres some teaser pics of the different route i took...
  15. No problem If your looking for New db-r has some great prices ! SAZ-1500D New [sAZ-1500D] - $500.00 : dB-r Electronics, Online Store
  16. If you have no real budget and your between 500-600 i think a Sundown Audio 1500D would make that BTL happy
  17. Planet Audio is something they sell at my Local Fleemarket. Never heard any review about them or seen the guts of one. Dont know if your BTL would appreciate that amp or not lol probably does underatted power But if its what your budget falls in and you cant find a better amp for your bucks then i say go for it
  18. Kent535

    Need opinions about my box design

    If i increase the width to 30 that will give me 32.12 hz And 9.10 cu^3 Im not good with measuring port area and what it should be relevent to the size of the box for it to sound good tho.
  19. Kent535

    Kids Power wheels for SPL

    Sweet Vid. Whats the song played at the end of the video?
  20. Kent535

    Kent's 1987 Mustang Build

    287 Views and only 18 replies?
  21. Kent535

    Need Help On What BTL I Have

    I bought my 15" BTL around winter of 2008 And dont exactly remember what options i ordered on it. Im getting ready to order another BTL either today or tomorrow so that it will arive around the time i finish my box an i wanted this BTL to match the one i have. I do know it is * Dual 2 ohm * Daily * Not universal I Do not know if it Has * P chamfer * Cooling * High XM coil * I Heat Ring Could Someone Tell me where to look for to see if mine have these? Thank you
  22. Kent535

    Kent's 1987 Mustang Build

    Started the false floor and backing today. Didn't get an early start and had to limit my window on hours working because the girl im talking to is constantly on my ass for this build log. But.... Going to have this other girl come over tomorrow and help finishing the floor and help me start on the box. Shes a cutie and loves doing all this Ill just turn my phone off and tomorrow should be a smooooth day. Heres The pics for the picture whores This will be fore leveling out the false floor and to give it support. My guide i created. Work with what youve got Piece cut out Text Fit Painted and edges tripped For fitting Theres no other as fine as ohh shiney shine Glossy finish Flush with rear deck and all screwed in place. Left holes on either side for runs of 0 gauge to go back to the battery bank and amps. test fitted false floor and layed/trimmed it down. Current status and going to get screwed down and secure when the cutie comes tomorrow
  23. Kent535

    Need Help On What BTL I Have

    Thanx Nick !! Ill be sure to order exactly the one i have now tomorrow or saturday !
  24. Kent535

    Need Help On What BTL I Have

    Thanx "WhatsCS" If I order another BTL and get Half the options as a fully loaded vise versa will a sub be moving more than the other with the same amount of power to them? In other words will they look Out of phase with one not moving as much?