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  1. Kent535

    Need Help On What BTL I Have

    Yes, The Motor is a single slug. here are some pics that i thought might help determine some of the options it has.
  2. Kent535

    Kent's 1987 Mustang Build

    Thanx everyone ! will be starting on the false floor today and hopefully starting on sealing the trunk off from the cabin Pics will be up of todays progress as the day progresses.\ Currently it is Just a 4cyl. id be cheap to find one like it and swap a 302ci or 460 into in. Gauges are just getting the car prepped before the engine swap for those wondering Not sure what output alternator it has tho
  3. Kent535

    Kent's 1987 Mustang Build

    Next Set Of Pics ! Got my roof deadened today. Before it sounded like a big piece of tin wobbling in the air, after the deadening was SUPER solid. A+ for Second Skin Enough talk, on to the pics. Before i started tearing it down. Getting ready to come off. Bare roof. Had some glue stuff attached but was no problem when it came time for the deadening. Had about a 1 inch gap between the roof and the bracing/steel structure that attached to the roof Down to my last 2 boxes This stuff is bulletproof ! Nice clean full box to start off with First deadening sheet applied !! How it looked when finished. Doubled Everything up. Some spots had Triple where overlapping occurred.
  4. Kent535

    Kent's 1987 Mustang Build

    2nd Batch Of pics, Of The material. Well.... Most Of It more pics of new material used in the build will be seen in future Pics Quick Sketchup Of the Electrical. Dont think im planning on using the Solenoid Tho. General overview of the box setup Mr Bro and his GF 5 Sheets Ready to Go Upclose Wanted to go with Birch but it was $45 a sheet And i needed 5.. Basics to any build
  5. Kent535

    Kent's 1987 Mustang Build

    First Set of pics ! pics of the 87 Mustang that everything will be going in... Rear Shot Side Shot Sexy Front Lights Soon to be HID angel Eyes How It looks Now before Back Seat gets Ripped Out
  6. Kent535

    hole in subwoofer

    That Happened To Mine as i was taking backing out the scews to take the sub out of my enclosure. Stupid regular screws Thats why i will only use the + cross phillips head ones now. Anyway Mine however was about half an inch big i uses Ultra Clear superglue and put it back to normal and smoothed everything out barely noticable !!
  7. Kent535

    Worth getting another BTL 15" ?

    I Have a fully loaded BTL 15" Running on an SAZ-3000D my question is will getting another one make that much more of a difference? since they will both be running off the same amp. Eventually i plan on getting another SAZ-3000D when money will allow but since i only have 1 3000D will sending 1200-1500 watts to each be louder than if i sent 2500-3000 watts to 1 ?
  8. Kent535

    Worth getting another BTL 15" ?

    My BTL is dual 2 and i have it wired to 1 ohm on the Amp right now.
  9. Kent535

    Worth getting another BTL 15" ?

    Ok i thought cone area would make a difference. Just didnt know since the power would be cut in half and splitted between the two. Thanx rodney
  10. Kent535

    where do you go to sell odd things???

    Ebay doesnt charge a fee if the listing does not sell. If it does a certain percentage of the selling price will be added to your "Monthly" listing fee
  11. Kent535

    Most output from the least space.

    Go With The Daber 8's And give them a try Either Way The SA-8s are at the top of my list for small drivers !
  12. Kent535


    Jesus Has Created Yet Another Masterpiece Looks Badass !
  13. Kent535

    SSA Desktop Wallpaper thread...

    Me Too ! I Need One
  14. Kent535

    1938 Chevy Rat Rod pics for fun...

    Its a rat rod its suppose to be rusty outside and stuff like a sleeper car Nice car bro Looks Great!!
  15. Kent535

    polk mom 6x9's move air........

    Could Anyone link me to those 6X9 momos? Im looking for a set of 6X9's and i was thinking of trying these and writing up a review for you guys
  16. Kent535

    New Facebook Features on SSA!

    How Much Did it set you guys back?
  17. Kent535

    Box Design Needed

    Have Everything Set Up For The New install just need a design for the box Im looking for A design for 2 15's Dual chamber roughly 10-11 Cubes with measurements Around These... Height - 20" Depth - 26 " Width - 49" the design im leaning toward is subs facing towards the back of the seat with port underneath each sub. 2 ports 1 for each chamber...
  18. Kent535

    Box Design Needed

    Thats one nice box i was looking more for a design like this...
  19. Kent535

    Box Design Needed

    Thanx, Ill be waiting For A Response. Anyone Else have Some Designs?
  20. Kent535

    Tight Fit?

    Hey Everyone, I will be starting a build log soon on my 89 Mustang Coupe. plan on taking out the rear seat and making a 2 chamber box for 2 15's BTL's Judging from these pics give me some opinions of how i should face the subs. And as well as any opinions! Thanx ! Build Log will start soon <BR> <BR>
  21. Kent535

    Tight Fit?

    Yeah, my plan is to take out the back seat and make somewhat a half wall. batteries and amps in the trunk
  22. Kent535

    Tight Fit?

    Measurements For The Space I Have To Work With Are As Followed.... Height - 20" Depth - 26" Width - 49" What do you guys think i used a box calculation program off a website and if i remember right its somewhere between 10-11 cubes before port and sub displacement. So i should be starting soon. Just need a Box design.
  23. Kent535

    18" BL fully loaded questions

    Lets See Pics Of That Trunk. Id Like To See How Big Your Talking About When You Say "BIG"