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  1. Ok so i was looking at my box and an idea came to me. First off i wanted to put a Plexiglas on the top of the box so you can see the inside. Something along the lines of 17"X13". I would have to use several sheets so it could come out to a thickness of approx 1/2 because i don't want it to flex. Next i would paint the inside white and put a black light in there so everything would glow and paint the outside black like i had originally planned. One question though.....Will the florescent black light be able to survive inside the box??

    Let me know your opinions and ideas-Kent

  2. Looks Like You Were Doing Damage To The Amp :(

    Its A Shame Looks Like A Beastly Amp Too.

    My Guess Was You Were Running It With A Stock Electrical system And You Hurt The Amp In Doing THat

    You CAN In Fact Try To Solder It Back Togehter However Be Extremly Careful Not To Melt The Resistors Because If That Happens The Amp Is USELESS

    Hope This Helps And You Get The Amp Up And Running Again :)

    ~ Kent ~

  3. Alright Everyone.

    I Just Went Up To The Local Hardware Store And Got Some Stuff.

    Need Some Ideas And Pics Of How I Should Paint My Box.

    Port Area White And Box Black ?

    Or What Do Yall Think ?


    Pics Would Be Nice Even If There Not Same Colors

    I Just Need Some Ideas. Thanx Again


  4. Thanx Guys Im GOing To Run up To Walmart And See What Kind Of Textured Spraypaint They Have.

    Also Im Gonna Go To The Arts And Craft Section And See If I Can Buy Some Foam To Make Some 3d Logo Pop Out Stencil So I Can Make A Logo Of FI Car Audio To Put On My Box :)

    And More Ideas Are Certainly Welcome :)

  5. Alright Everyone Here Goes Another Post.

    My Current Setup Is One FI 15'' BTL With A SAZ 2200 D Amp.

    Now I Was Wondering If I Put This Setup In A BMW if If Would Hurt The Amp Or Alternator/Battery With Stock Electrical.

    In The Long Run My Plans Are Having 2 FI 15" BTL's With 2 SAZ 2200D Amps Running A Total Of 4400 Watts.

    Also Im Planning On Having A In Dash Head Unit That The Screen Comes Out When You Turn It On And Also 2 Screens On The Headrests.

    Could Anyone Tell Me Some Info On The Electrical System What Would I Need For All This Whether It Be Battery's,Capacitors Or Alternators.

    Thank You

    ~ Kent ~

  6. Thank You For All Your Support. WOW ! Everyone Is SO Helpful And Fast At Replying :)

    Right Now I Have About 400 So I Should Be Able To Save A Little More ANd Get That Amp.

    Thank You For THe Welcome

    I Currently Do Not Have A Car But I Was THinking About Putting 2 15'' FI BTL's In A Trunk Of A Car.

    Most Likely A BMW But Not Certain.

    Does Anyone Know If It Would SOnd Good Seeing As Theres Not That Much Space ?

    Just If Yall Are Interested One FI BTL Fully Loaded Is Currently In My Roon :) Pounds HARD Just With 350 Watts On 4 Ohms Cant Imagine WIth 3000 !!!!!

    Heres SOme Pics...... Enjoy


    Unloading The BTL (Very Well Packaged BTW)



    Pretty Big If You Ask Me :)


    Shot From The Top


    Side Shot


    Look How Insanly HUGGGGEEE This Is


    New 08 Model :)


    Paid 45 For A Pre-Fab Which I Only Used For 1 Day Hahaha


    0/1 Gauge Wiring For THe Amp


    Building Of The Box









  7. Hey Everyone I Was Interested In Buying 2 SAZ-3000 D Amps For My 2 FI BTL 15's Setup That I Will Be RUnning. I Was Wondering WHat You ALl Think About THese Amps And If THey Are Under Rated Or Worth THe Power. BEcause My Brother Is Saying To Buy 2 Hifonics Brutus 2600 Watt Amps. Also Do Yall Know If These Amps Have Lighting ? Thank You

    ~ Kent ~