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  1. Jay-cee is right. aH is normally useless in a car audio scenario unless you listen to your stereo with the car off a lot.

    Right right. the most id listen to my system with the car off would be like 10 min.

    so im better off leaning towards the 2 HC 2000's for the rear

    what would you recomend for the front?

    ive read your suppose to get a battery with less AH than the back battery bank?

  2. Im Looking At Upgrading My Electrical System Since It Will Be The Last Step Towars My New System.

    Electrical System will be supposrting an SAZ-3000D and a SAE-100.4.

    the alternator will be a HO once i buy one, Around 140-260 Amps

    i dont really know much about electrical systems and AH and all that

    i just want something that will suppost my system

    as well as my alternator could supply

    what i was wondering is would it be better to buy

    A.) 2 12V Tractor Batteries (Parallel) - $130 A Piece

    B.) 2 12V Kinetik HC 2000 Batteries (parallel) - $165 A Piece

    C.) 1 12V Kinetik HC 3800 Battery - $425

  3. I Dont Really Understand how to bridge a Dual 2 Ohm Speaker,

    On My Speaker I Have Positive Crosing Over To Positive And Negative Crossing Over To Negative (1 Ohm Load)

    Like Shown


    How Do I Hook This Up To The Amp?

    Because The 2 Outside Terminals Which are Usually Positive Negative Are Positive Positive