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  1. Hey everyone,

    basically im ordering My deadening next, but i want to hear some inputs from people on which is a good brand.

    Will be going in a 93 Mustang Coupe

    ripping out the back seat

    need something that will hold up to 2 Fi BTL's

    powered with SAZ-3000D

    what are some brands and could i get reviews please

    thank you

  2. For Some Reason My Computer Is Only Playing One Channel.

    I Dont Know Why And I Have Even Plugged Headphones Directly into the (Auido Output) from the back

    and still only one channel.

    Could My Sound Card be bad?

    I have an onboard sound card so would that mean that i will have to buy a new motherboard or possibilly an aftermarket

    sound card.

    Or is there an easier solution.

    Thank you

  3. I Tried ordering something and put in all my information,

    when i clicked confirm it says...

    " 15005 Processor Decline - This transaction cannot be processed. "

    What does this mean?

    ive confirmed i have the money,

    should i try again or has it charged my card already?

  4. Im Looking For Some Front Stage Components, *Tweeter And MidRange*

    Dont Know Much About Components so any advice or recomendations Would Be Great !!

    Need Something That Will Get Loud But I KNow You Cant Have SQ and SPL so More On The Clarity Side.

    I Would Like Them To Keep Up With The Bass Seeing That They Will Be Running With A BTL 15"

  5. Ive Blown 2 Plate Amps in Less Than 2 Weeks!

    How Could This Be?

    They Were Working Fine But noticed they were getting extremely hot to the touch (couldn't keep hand on for 3 sec.)

    Before they went i notcied my btl was getting distorted

    10 sec later the amp cutt of and no LED indicator was on.

    This Means The Amp Went Right?

    What Could Have Caused This Im Wondering.

    Here Is The Pic Of The AMp Im Using