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  1. So the headunit always outputs around 4v?
  2. Can this be repaired

  3. Singer Alternator Bad Customer Service

    Then get off the phone, no wonder he doesn't have time left to answer other people.
  4. Stainless Steel Bolts for grounds

    Or just get a decent zinc plated bolt and paint/grease/whatever over your connection.(after you have connected it and prepared it properly).
  5. XCON Bottoming out?

    In the video it is clearly bottoming out, but it also sounds as if the gains are set too high. Does it bottom out in the box? (is it a ported box or not?)
  6. Good android tablet <$300?

    Presales shouldn't be encouraged... And I think he wants a Android device since it's going to be a play toy.
  7. Samsung smart phones

    Hopefully in less then a year we will see that.
  8. Samsung smart phones

    That's only if you are tied down to andriod. Windows phones are usually faster at the same pricepoint.
  9. Sa 12 crossover past 50hz

    Yes, the problem is probably in the gain setting. What amp are you using?its a Sundown saz 1500 running @ 2ohm That's quite a bit of amp for that box and subwoofer, try turning down the gain a bit and then turn the crossover up. Though I agree with SSH, crossover above 50-60Hz is too high for my taste, it's a SUBwoofer.
  10. Sa 12 crossover past 50hz

    Yes, the problem is probably in the gain setting. What amp are you using?
  11. Soundqubed Earbuds vs Johnathan Price's Bassbuds

    I would rather spend my money on Sennheiser earbuds..
  12. Car Audio Shop

    No wonder the good shops are closing down/closed down. They pay for the rent, and having things in stock, you ask for their advice and then order it off the internet...
  13. FM radio = more bass than iPhone signal?

    Radio stations do exagerate the bass.
  14. Audiopipe or Massive?

    A dcon is in the same price range. I'm just saying.. It's a solid performer.
  15. HDS212 Port Velocity Tolerance

    20 m/s would be more preferable.Of course. The problem I suspect the OP will run into is the balancing act between port area, port length, and tuning. With a low tuning and large port area the port could end up being a mile long, which creates its own problems. Just about every design is compromised in some way. Having a slightly smaller port area will only have a negative effect at max output, which will only be a limited amount of time. If the OP raises the tuning to try to keep the port length reasonable that will effect output at all volume levels.The OP's goals for their system will have to determine just where compromises should be made. True, but if you just make the enclosure larger that makes up for a better you end you can tune higher (and use a few tricks to lower the tuning without increasing the physical length of the port). I've built a enclosure recently for my two ten inch JL W6v2, and moddeled it to have a peak air velocity of 21.17m/s around 30Hz at peak power and I noticed while testing that it had port noise at peak power.(not audible from the front seat, but audible from the trunk and that means the port won't behave as predicted, and so the frequency response won't be as predicted) No, what you are noticing isn't actually happening, the inertia of the air is negligible.