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  1. 'BIG DAVE'

    Big Dave's Truck Project

    Hey ALL- its March 12 2011! Uggg- bin awol for so long! UPDATE on the TRUK! GOT it done in 8 MONTHS! lol Drains the 3 Batteries to 50% flat in 30 seconds! 11 First Place victories, BEST SQ, in DB-DRAG Psychlone. Took BEST TRUK in 1990 & Up at 'SHow 'N Shine' events. SET a NEW WORLD RECORD Sept 2010 for Highest Score ever attained in DB-DRAG Psychlone Amateur Series out of 78,000 competitors!! NOTE- I didnt have access to a TermLab meter and only got a 86 for RTA- have 1/12th octave AC DQX so a 100 score is SOOO possible- just need tune time! 8'x12's Behind the seat of the F250 and the HIGHEST Lowest note was 28 HZ! So- got 52 Bonus Points! The enclosure is adjustable from 16 Hz to 48 Hz and I had the 28 Hz ports in- cuz I like that LOW bass SQ, so- WHEN I can get my hands on a TL and some hours tuning- I gotta see IF the 28 Hz note was a correlation to the 28 Hz PORT- as the Loudest freq IN the TRUK Cab is 46 hz- SO- IF it is the ports, then I'm going to see IF I can get the tuning DOWN lower- think the Lowest note is just a 25 or 26 hz? WUD be cool to set a NEW Record in that as well Buddy A-TEAM has 44,000 watts and 8x15's and is WORLD Record holder in HIS class and HIS JIMBO managed a 28 Hz note also- So I'm Very happy that my little 12's rite behind my ass gets LOW & dirty! Looking forward to the season starting- its STILL -21 degrees up here in Canada- Brrr! Leaderboard- its BIG DAVE for my TRUK http://dbdrag.com/asp/lb.asp?ListMethod=12&Org_ID=3&Season_Select=2010&Continent_Select=0&Country_Select=All&State_Select=All&Class_Select=0&SessionID=564779613 The ones Higher above me are PRO, and I CANT catch them- cuz the DB numbers they put up are too high for me to catch, but theres 14 more points IN my RTA I can get ( jsut need tune time)! Comparrison- A TEAM has 44,000 watts- so he's an ASS-KICKER in DB, and I ONLY have 4000 watts going to my 8x 12"subs- they get 500 watts each- haha, YA - WAY under powered but this TRUK was built for Install, and SQ and just to look cool, so that it HAPPENS to get dam loud is just a bonus! Thanks for Following! Remember- If its TOO Loud- UR TOO Old! lol
  2. 'BIG DAVE'

    Wood Splitting

    MDF is junk- compressed sawdust with everything else from the woodshop floor- table saw it in the dark and watch the sparks! BUT- its dense and what we use for boxes. So- gotta get used to using it. Airnail it together with a good wood glue- THEN when its stable, Pre-Drill and counter sink the holes first. U can use drywall screws- they are a #6, or use a deck screw # 8- predrill will be different size. U can use multiple layers laminated together with glue and THEN end drill for ur 90 degree attachment. When I'm building a custom enclosure & install, MDF is the last thing I want to use! - Its crap for end attaching CUZ of the splitting. U can use strips and make edge bracing- but that splits as well. Also IF ur going to fiberglass to it- its just too smooth to get a good hold on it. (Fiberglass is a liquid plastic that molds to a shape but doesnt have any Adhesive properties- it relies on a Mechanical bond. USE Epoxy resin if needind a bonding composite. I use a good plywood, end screwing is great and THEN laminate a MDF layer to the surface for strength. THIS isnt for a square box enclosure- its for a CUSTOM design where MDF will just fall apart back into the pile of sawdust it was made from. For Box building- ya, MDF or HDF is the shit! Use the plywood layer INside so 'glass can bite INTO the rough textured surface. There is a NO GAP, marine grade plywood- they use it for bill boards and it has a heavy paper-coated surface- so its SMOOTH as MDF but still has the laminate properties and can end screw- cuz of NO GAP- theres no buzzing and its a lot denser, heavier & stiffer than regular plywood. Remember- IF ur building a DB monster- going for a record- u'll want ur BAFFLE board to be at least 4.5 INCHES thick! Baffle flex cracks baskets!
  3. 'BIG DAVE'

    Big Dave's Truck Project

    Update- Hey all, good news. Sept 13th show in Calgary Canada, took 2 First place trophies! 1st Place SS5+ DB Drag & Best Install. A-TEAM stomped their own World Record set 4 weeks ago, with a 164! Heading to Worlds- good luck CLAY! RIPROCK was there- INtense vehicle! 179.5 I believe. Loudest in Canada and 4th in World I hear? Good luck guys. Mines pretty- NOT a Ground Pounder like these Mad-Men! lol
  4. 'BIG DAVE'

    Big Dave's Truck Project

    September 13th in Orlando, Florida?? Calgary AB Canada- A-TEAM Audio host- Set NEW World record for their class 3 weeks ago in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Canada
  5. 'BIG DAVE'

    Big Dave's Truck Project

    Thanks all Car show today and next Stereo/DB Drag is Sept 13th- keep u posted
  6. 'BIG DAVE'

    New Mach 5 Build - Zero Power Compression

    They come in 21"s Mark? I'll take 8! yeehaw! )
  7. 'BIG DAVE'

    18's that work in smaller enclosures

    MACH 5 AUDIO all the way. BUT - seriously, u think ur gonna put 3500 all day, every day thru it?? Its kinda hard on the ears lol. I use 8x18"s in my home theatre with 13,000 watts and u just cant turn it up and sit in the room! U wont need all that power -it'll blast u outta the car MJ-18's or IXL-18's. MJ-18, crazy bang for the buck. Mark built a Franken18 that took 15,000 watts! Check out Mach 5 Audio! My truk-
  8. 'BIG DAVE'

    MY Future Setup - Opinions welcomed

    Heres what I did in my F-250. IF u got the time, multiple subs are great! If u got the room and want to DB- then the 18's r the way to go. U checked out the MJ-18 or IXL-18 from Mach 5 Audio?? Good luck with ur build
  9. Few options: TL, and some other designs make mad low-end freq- but u gotta be dam good with ur build skills & designs. Easiest way is large cone area and good throw. I have 8x 18's in my theatre room. 2x IXL18's ported to 19 hz and 6x MJ-18s ported to 30 hz for mid bass. ALL MACH 5 AUDIO. With 13,000 watts of QSC. Its riduculous. Best of all, naybors complain that stuff shakes outta their kitchen cabs when I pump it. BUT- whatever u go with , I MUST INSIST u get an EPICENTER from Audio Control- there is NO OTHER way to get the low freq BACK into the signal! No matter what u build and how u gain/equalize it- IF the signal isnt there, then the output aint gonna be either! EPI and u can get away with smaller cone subs- but u gotta have the throw & power to control it )
  10. 'BIG DAVE'

    SPL brand subwoofers?

    HEY- not sure if any1 comes here anymore? but MACH 5 AUDIO in ALBERTA???- Contact me- I got 'em in ALBERTA! The Mach 5 SPL-12" & Mach 5 SPL-15" are riduculous!!! The IXL series may be all u need, depending on ur power. IF u wanna DB- get our new 8000 watt or 12,000 watt amps- but, warning- U'LL be shelling out for 1/2 dozen batteries at least!!! I'm using 8x 12"IXL's in my truk- take a peek. NOT built for DB but blows 151 with windows open in Audio Control RTA Not sure IF there was a company called SPL?? but Mach 5 Audio has SPL series subs- FREE shipping in Canada!!!!! Hows that for costs!
  11. 'BIG DAVE'

    SPL15 - Inverted not as loud

    Arent the SPL's Bottomless motors??? I have heard that inverted- the cone disperses the air because of the shape- conical, as opposed to having the basket in the box and the cone facing outward- where its concave and has a larger surface area of the 'funnel' and directs the air movement forward, rather than outwards. DECWARE on line, has a floor standing speaker model they sell, with A CONE inverted on top of the original cone, so it disperses evenly in a 360 degree spread to make a non-localized bass presence. I Totally believe subs SOUND Louder when the basket is in the box! MAYBE, when testing, the pressure waves in a controlled, confined chamber result in the same DB in either configuration?? PPI and others played with the honeycomb Flat cone subs many years ago, hit pretty hard and increased the stiffness of the cone and resisted fatigue in the paper cone styles causing a wrinkle and compromising the integrity of the cone rigidity. They dont make em any more- Hmmm, perhaps the funnel cone IS the best design- so it Should be facing outward ? )
  12. 'BIG DAVE'

    Big Dave's Truck Project

    SWEEET! It takes one to know one, eh Buzz! Most people look at it ( well, everyone) and they DONT GET IT! They just have NO concept of what it takes to hand build, carve, shape, invent, etc. IF u do a great vinyl door panel, they look at it and say- "Ya? so?" with a blank stare. And dont have a clue what they are supposed to be looking at? BUT- if u hang a huge Elephant ear covered in fur, off the door, they rage to their friends, "Look- he added speakers there!" lol. And thats ok. BUT-, I appreciate that YOU appreciate what goes into one of these builds (& mine There is only ONE way to do something- the RIGHT way! I was Champ and then when the comp circuit dried up - it was all about Car Starters! grrr! Hate them! OR the shops I worked at would get the 'Deck & 2' & 'Deck & 4' jobs at the dealer yards. They'd give u a carton of 12 decks - CHEAP crap, no molex plugs, u get to the yard and hard wire these turds in and 1/2 of the 12 decks wouldnt turn on. Cut them out and install another one- bah! Thats not what I DO! So, I'd move on. The shop owners wouldnt care cuz they needed a warm body to put the gear in and couldnt sell Custom to save their lives! I talked to our Phoenix Gold rep in Ontario, he said call the rep in Alberta, then THAT fella told me there was a 12 v shop looking for a custom guy. Chatted with the owner and few weeks later moved 4000 clicks out west! NOW- out here, the DB drags are about all we have SO- I'll attend, maybe can interest people into install again?? At least get some MACH5AUDIO subs out there IF u look at the pics of the steel amp rack- one shot has 4 bent pieces lying on an amp- the first braces I made had a 90 degree bend on them, then when I tried to get the canopy into the truk- uh-oh, the 90 bends hit the back slope of the cab. GRRR- had to form new ones tighter around the cab and amp , then cut the ends off and weld them back in. DIDNT take too long, but evidence of sometimes the LONG way IS the short way, in getting to ur destination! I have lots more progress pics, but my MACH guy hasnt loaded them yet- dont know if he's away on vacation or what? But IF I can figer how to up-load them, I can get them up and show the finished ones as well INSPIRATION is the mother of all invention! Get at 'er! ) BD
  13. 'BIG DAVE'

    Big Dave's Truck Project

    THANKS BUZZ! I appraciate that! Ya- things have kinda gone the way of just slam a box together and get it in Our city is over a million ppl and even the custom shop I worked at years ago- no one stocks colored carpet, port flanges, variety of wafer fuses, etc. I said "How do u build stereos?" They replied, "We cover everything in black or salt&pepper carpet/trunk liner". I hunted for port flanges and was referred to one place, called them and they said "Oh- we build our OWN boxes and put ports in." "Oh,wow" I said. lol These guys must be 'Fatwackers', if they BUILD their OWN boxes & ports! lol. I dont think they understood when I asked if they had PORT FLANGES? Somehow, routering a chunk of ABS into painted fiberglass just wasnt gonna do it for me! hahaha. The world has changed. I HAD to build somethin nice Glad u 'njoy! Keep the spirit!- Big Dave
  14. 'BIG DAVE'

    Big Dave's Truck Project

    THANKS MUCH! It was a labour of luv! lol
  15. 'BIG DAVE'

    Big Dave's Truck Project

    HEY ALL! Bin a while- time for an update! Well- TRUK is FINISHED! Woohoo! 'Bout dam time! lol. Mark- Owner of Mach5Audio was in attendance at its First Competition out here in the Canadian West. The 12V store where I purchased my Audio Control gear, had sent their RTA back for Modifications & upgrades and would not have it back for a while So, I called the hi-end store I get my home audio from "General Audio" , in Calgary AB, and they had an RTA that they let me 'use', to tune the truk. Thanks to Rod & Brian! I gotta say- the curve was impressive- for all the drivers in it & the poor placement! Had to tweek 63 & 80, bit at 400- 630- those nasty naisily midrange notes! haha, and bring down the 12K a bit and 20K by 12db! haha, figered that one! But- all in all, a nice curve. Bass is about 36 db above everything, haha, to be expected, (always gonna have a Major deviation) and the tweets could use a 2 or 5 ohm resistor to supress the output a bit, but being off-axis, that was expected as well. Its a 'SHOW' truk to show off the MACH5AUDIO subs. A nice stereo in my race hauler, that happens to be pretty LOUD! haha. So, it was a DB meet, and DB Drag Race event. Took FIRST place in DB in my class. Then went into the DB Drag-Race- that was FUN! Took FIRST PLACE there as well! So, first outting, took 2x 1st Place wins! Good enuf for me! lol. AND- there was Corey & his lovely wife, who had made the trip from, Saskatoon I think?? He took 2 trophies as well. SO- 4 trophies for MACH5AUDIO at this one event- MORE than the million dollar sub companies could do!!! Corey pulls in the 150+ range and he went to the max with the MACH5AUDIO SPL-15"s. I have one of those now- THEY ARE MONSTERS! HUGE! Also- he was running the new Sound Digital 8000 watt amps! NICE amps! ONE to each sub! (6x 18 volt batteries and a 2nd alternator that puts out 18 volts- just to charge the stereo batts!) Wish I could afford 'em! But- I didnt set out to build the Loudest truk, just a nice stereo, platform to showcase the Subs, and it Happens to be loud! Certainly not a contender in those DB drag wars. Man- some people have serious power in their vehicles! All those 18 volt batteries! WOW Maybe there will be a resurgence in the 'Stereo' Comps, or a partnering with the old I.A.S.C.A. to have events that judge 'Sound Quality' & 'Install'? Haha- some of the guys looked at my install and asked " Whats that?" I said " Thats a stereo!". Heehee- I'm not sure if everyone there actually had any front end speakers! It was interesting Some there were doing the 'hair' tricks. One popped his windshield seal and put a chick sitting on it and she kept sliding down cuz the bass would rattle her off. It was funny! Guess somewhere around here there are TWINS that have a 180+ DB vehicle?? I havent met them but heard people talking. Mark has the pics- I'm not sure how to load on here, so hopefully he'll be updating the rest of the install soon and then we can get the Finished pics up. Also- going to shoot a video to show everything in reference to the rest of the truk. People cant believe 8x12"s & 5000 watts, amps on the ceiling- u cant see anything from outside, its all in the 2 foot section behind the suicide doors. Doesnt look like 8 months of work in MY opinion , but people rage over it. I'll be in a lot, hear a 'boom boom', and then people will gather, someone who knows me will have said "U gotta check out that truk" and point. The naysayers approach, smirk on their face. Then group together and scoff. One will get closer for a look and I'll chat with him, pointing out features of the door panels or underdash components, then open the back door for the reveal. He'll turn to his friends and start shouting. The group gathers closer. I'll let one sit in the drivers seat, as the truk is pretty well soundproofed. Loud outside, but its inside where ur noodle gets the hammering. Once inside, I get my ear plugs in and the 'attendee' will look and raise an eyebrow. Then it comes in waves! Haha. We hit 151 with the windows open on a MOVIE! They start yelling. THEN I hit the EPI button and its all over! They jump out and tell their friends to get in! lol One guy put his girlfriend in and said 'Giver'. I looked at her and said "U sure?" She said "Yup". So, on we go! She looked at me and I could read her lips saying "Thats #$@^*&@ loud" and I saw her eyes water up and tears start rolling down her cheeks! Uhoh! Figered she'd had enuf by then! hahahaha. oops! Guy who came second was real close- we were .2 DB apart. I said "U hear mine yet?" He said "Nope". I motioned- get in. And played it for him. When we were done, he got out and said "Thats %$*#%) loud"! I laffed and appreciated that compliment! Its a LOT louder than the numbers cuz the suicide doors just flex way too much to get a good pressure reading. Thats ok, thats not what my goal was. But its nice to know people think its loud A nice feature is, its a FULL stereo, so watching a movie at that volume is impressive, compared to some of the one-note wonders that were there. NOT knocking any builds, just some spectators didnt get why one note was playing as a steady tone. They seemed to like actually hearing the rest of the music and media. NO caps, Optimas discharge fast enuf the lights dont blink. Couldnt sit in it long enuf to drain the batts down low anyway. AND- NO PORT NOISE! No whistling, no chuffing. Mark was there- he heard it. OR- actually, didnt hear it- no port noise! lol HEY- long as everyone has fun, thats what its all about! 'Njoy! -BIG DAVE